ACE/MPA Shuts Down Movizland Streaming Platform

ACE/MPA has successfully shut down the once-popular Movizland streaming website.ACE, a global organization dedicated to fighting piracy, has been responsible for the closure of numerous illegal streaming sites.When it comes to selecting IPTV services, streaming apps, and streaming websites, there is a

ACE/MPA has successfully shut down the once-popular Movizland streaming website.


ACE, a global organization dedicated to fighting piracy, has been responsible for the closure of numerous illegal streaming sites.

When it comes to selecting IPTV services, streaming apps, and streaming websites, there is a vast array of options, both verified and unverified.

Determining the legitimacy of these apps/sites and whether they possess the necessary licenses is a challenge. We rely on reports from ACE, such as this one, to provide accurate information to our visitors regarding the legality of streaming websites.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a global anti-piracy organization that is responsible for shutting down hundreds of pirate streaming sites.

The recent target of ACE’s attention was Movizland, a prominent streaming website based in Egypt.

Established in 2012 by an individual in Cairo, Egypt, Movizland attracted approximately 12 million monthly visits, primarily from Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, and Palestine.

In the Middle East, this streaming site was particularly popular and ranked among the top 100 most visited websites in Egypt.

Movizland offered a vast video-on-demand library featuring TV series and movies in both Arabic and original versions, comprising around 34,000 titles that infringed upon the copyrights of ACE members.

Movizland Shut Down

ACE was able to identify the operator of Movizland through an investigation and subsequently alerted the Egyptian authorities. The utilization of third-party subpoenas further aided in locating the responsible individual.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: IPTV WIRE does not possess or manage any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not engage in application hosting or distribution. Verification of proper licensing among IPTV services and app developers falls under the sole responsibility of the end-user. The media accessed through any device, app, addon, or service mentioned on our Website is the full responsibility of the end-user. For a legally compliant IPTV service, Vidgo is recommended.

This streaming site was extremely popular in the Middle East. In recent months, Movizland was among the top 100 most visited websites in the country of Egypt.

Jan van Voorn, ACE’s Executive Vice President, congratulated the Egyptian authorities for their efforts in taking action against an individual profiting from the unauthorized sale of copyrighted content. Not only does such activity harm creators, but it also exposes consumers to the risk of providing personal information to criminals.

It remains to be seen what fate awaits the operator of Movizland. Additionally, we are intrigued to discover which pirate streaming sites will be the next targets identified by ACE. Rest assured, we will keep our visitors informed as soon as new streaming news becomes available.

It is not uncommon for reputable streaming sites to be shut down by ACE and other anti-piracy authorities.

To learn more about this story, you can visit ACE’s website and read the official press release or check out the article on TorrentFreak.

Legitimate Streaming Options

Determining whether unverified IPTV services, apps, websites, or add-ons have the necessary licenses is beyond the scope of IPTV Wire’s capabilities.

If a streaming website is deemed illegal, we promptly inform our users and update our reports accordingly.

In conclusion, the responsibility for all content accessed through free streaming sites, apps, and paid services lies with the end-user.

For a comprehensive guide on IPTV legality and essential information before streaming, please refer to our detailed guide.

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