How can you add EPG to Kodi?


Kodi is one of the most popular that you can find out kodi epg there. This is an open source best epg for kodi. Therefore, any person is iptv simple provided kodi epg iptv with the chance to use Kodi and get work done. You will be able to find some rich pvr iptv functionalities behind Kodi as well. In other words, Kodi offers the same functionalities to you as a digital media center. Hence, you will fall in love with the experience that is shared by this free media player as well.

Feature of Kodi

When you are using Kodi, all the support iptv simple will be offered to you with playing your media. You will have the chance in here to play media content that belongs to numerous formats. Apart from playing media content, Kodi will also help you to cast media content to different devices as well. These casting capabilities are quite impressive. You can learn how to set up Kodi and you will be able to figure out the functionality offered along with it.

One of the best things that you can find in Kodi is its cross platform compatibility. You can easily get Kodi on all the leading operating systems out there. They include iOS, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. On the other hand, Kodi is compatible with numerous devices that you use as well. Some of the devices that are compatible with Kodi include PC, Xbox One, Apple TV, Smartphone, and Amazon Fire TV. Regardless of the device that you have, there is a high possibility to configure and enjoy content.

What is EPG?

EPG refers to electronic program guide. IPTV will provide you with thousands of channels. You will therefore come across the need to figure out what channels that you need to watch at what given time. This is where add EPG to kodi will help you with.

If you can get a EPG that matches with your IPTV channel playlist, you can keep on an eye on your favorite program at all times. When your favorite program is on air, you just need to switch the channel and enjoy the content. Due to the same reason, we encourage all the people who have IPTV connections to configure EPG as well. If you are using a Kodi to enjoy IPTV content, you can easily configure EPG. From this article, we will share the steps on how to do it.

How can you add EPG to kodi?

Now you have a basic understanding about what Kodi pvr iptv simple is and what it is capable of doing. While keeping that basic understanding in mind, let’s get back to the main area of interest within this article, where we explore how you will be able to add EPG to your Kodi. Here are the steps that you should follow to get the job done.

Step 1 – You should open Kodi as the very first thing. Kodi comes to you along with a user-friendly interface. Hence, there is a high possibility to get the work done out of Kodi without having much of technical expertise.

Step 2- On the Kodi interface, you can find iptv simple client an option called Add-ons. You will have to click on this option.

Capture1 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

No matter what operating system that you have to use Kodi, you can follow these steps. That’s because the steps are quite similar to all the leading operating systems and there are no variations.

Step 3 – Now you are looking for the Kodi add-ons. This is where you must pick the add-on called PVR IP TV Simple Client. We believe that this is one of the add-ons that every person who enjoys IPTV content with Kodi should have installed on the device.

Capture3 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

Step 4 – You can open up the PVR IPTV simple client add-on. Inside this add-on, you can find an option to configure. Click on that option.

Capture4 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

Step 5 – Now you should click on the EPG Settings option.

Capture5 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

Step 6 – There is a field called Location. You must click on that and then select Remote Path. This will provide you with the internet address. You should enter the epg that you have at XMLTV URL section.

Capture6 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

The EPG is usually provided by the IPTV service provider. If you don’t have the EPG URL with you, you will need to get in touch with the IPTV service provider and ask for it. Based on your request, you will be provided with the EPG URL. That URL should be pasted in here.

Step 7 – Now you will need to click on the Enable button.

Before the changes are applied, you will have to reboot your Kodi device. Go ahead and reboot the Kodi.

Capture7 How can you add EPG to Kodi?

When you are loading Kodi, you will be able to see how EPG is getting added into the TV channels. Hence, you can enjoy the benefits that come along with Electronics Programming Guide and enjoy IPTV content that is shared along with you.

Final words

Kodi is one of the most versatile that you can find out there. That’s because Kodi is in a position to play any kind of media format that exists out there. On the other hand, Kodi is a customizable as well. You will be able to customize the appearance of Kodi according to all the specific requirements that you have.  This can deliver a personal experience to you while watching IPTV content, which is something that you will fall in love with.

Another great feature about Kodi is that a large number of add-ons are available to it. We just discussed how you will be able to enhance the functionality of Kodi by adding an add-on. Likewise, you are provided with numerous other add-ons as well. Hence, it is worthy to take your time and try out the different add-ons that are offered. This will help you to end up with getting a remarkable entertainment experience with your Kodi.