Authorities Conduct Cybercrime Unit Raid on Digital TV IPTV Service Operator

A Cybercrime Unit Raids Digital TV IPTV Service Following DirecTV Piracy ComplaintIntroductionA cybercrime unit has recently conducted a raid on the operators behind the Digital TV IPTV service, acting upon a complaint filed by DirecTV regarding piracy. This operation was initiated in response to a

A Cybercrime Unit Raids Digital TV IPTV Service Following DirecTV Piracy Complaint

Digital TV IPTV Raided by Cybercrime Unit


A cybercrime unit has recently conducted a raid on the operators behind the Digital TV IPTV service, acting upon a complaint filed by DirecTV regarding piracy. This operation was initiated in response to a legal complaint lodged by DirecTV in Argentina, and police action was taken against the alleged controllers of Digital TV.

It is believed that the Digital TV platform, a pirated IPTV service, served approximately 85,000 customers. The raid was directed by a local cybercrime unit under the guidance of a local prosecutor, ultimately revealing a 22-year-old IT professional as the mastermind behind the service.

Digital TV IPTV Operator

The arrest and exposure of the individual were not only known to the authorities but also made public through extensive media coverage, with Canal26 broadcasting images of the suspect to their 4.5 million viewers.

Appointment of Jorge Bacaloni as President of Alliance Against Pay Television Piracy

In January 2023, the Alliance Against Pay Television Piracy (Allianz) appointed Jorge Bacaloni, the Regional Anti-Piracy Manager of Vrio Corp, as the new president of the organization. Vrio Corp is a conglomerate of DirecTV Latin America, Sky Brasil, and others.

Bacaloni, upon assuming the position, emphasized the critical role of public-private partnerships in combating piracy. He insisted on the shared responsibility of the entire industry and the need for coordinated action. While acknowledging Alianza’s significant contribution, Bacaloni emphasized that addressing the rapidly growing criminal network fueled by technological advancements required government support and definitive measures to ensure legal safety.

Digital TV IPTV

Collaboration and Investigation by Specialist Prosecutor Alejandro Musso

Although the exact timing of DirecTV’s anti-piracy team registering its complaint with Argentine authorities remains unclear, the effective collaboration advocated by Bacaloni in June seems to have yielded positive results. Specialist prosecutor Alejandro Musso in Buenos Aires spearheaded the investigation against Digital TV, leading to the raids and apprehension of the alleged mastermind.

This pirated IPTV service reportedly provided around 900 live TV channels, some exclusive to DirecTV in Latin America.

Details of the Pirated IPTV Service

Overview and Subscriber Base

The pirated IPTV service known as Digital TV reportedly provided around 900 live TV channels, including some exclusive to DirecTV in Latin America. It boasted a substantial subscriber base, serving approximately 85,000 customers.

After obtaining local court authorization, law enforcement conducted raids in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires Province, and in Arrecifes and Chivilcoy.

Features and Content Library

Besides the extensive live TV channel offerings, Digital TV also provided an enticing VOD platform, including 8,000 movies and 400 TV series. The subscription offered customers access to a wide range of content at a low cost, including live soccer matches and adult channels.

Raids and Apprehension of Suspect

Police Operations and Apprehension of the Mastermind

Following the necessary legal procedures and obtaining local court authorization, law enforcement agencies conducted raids in multiple locations, including Ramos Mejía in Buenos Aires Province, Arrecifes, and Chivilcoy. As a result of these operations, a 22-year-old IT technician identified as Martin Coll was apprehended in Ramos Mejía, accused of being the mastermind behind the Digital TV service.

DirecTV’s preliminary investigations revealed that the Digital TV service had approximately 85,000 subscribers. Furthermore, the associated Android app of Digital TV, available for download from a leading virtual store, had been downloaded over 100,000 times. As a consequence of the significant financial losses experienced by rightsholders as a result of piracy, the court immediately ordered the blockage of the app.

Identification of Other Potentially Involved Individuals

Authorities have reportedly identified two more individuals believed to be part of the larger piracy network involved in reselling the Digital TV service. This discovery may lead to further investigations and potential arrests in the future.

Media Coverage and Public Exposure

Broadcasting of Suspect’s Identity

Following the apprehension of Martin Coll, the media did not hesitate to publicize his full name and photographs, including images of him handcuffed post-arrest. Local TV channel Canal26 even aired these images, reaching its 4.5 million subscribers nationwide.

Suspect’s Silence and Public Awareness

Despite the media coverage, Martin Coll has chosen to remain silent and has refused to answer any inquiries. His arrest and exposure through media channels have brought public awareness to the issue of IPTV piracy in Latin America.

The raid and subsequent legal actions against Digital TV are not isolated incidents. There have been previous cases of notable IPTV services encountering legal troubles or even facing shutdowns. The rise of piracy in the IPTV industry continues to pose challenges for rightsholders and law enforcement agencies.

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