BestBuyIPTV – The Top Quality Provider


With iptv subscription of BestbuyIPTVcomes with over 12000 Live TV channels  and more than 24000 VODs from many parts of the world. These channels categorise into each country, specifically each area like Sport, Kids, Entertainment, you name it.

1Channels12000 International Channels
2VOD Library25000 VODs from 40 countries
3AdultDont support adult content
4EPGSupport EPG for almost channel all over the world
5Payment methodPayment by Credit Card / Debit Card ( Mastercard, Visa), Paypal, Bitcoin
6Trial account24-hour trial
7PackageIptv Basic: 10$/monthly
8Support deviceIOS (iPhone and iMac), Android, Roku, Kodi, Windows, Fire TV
9Multiple connectionAllow 3 connections at the same time in maximum
10Customer support24/7/365 support

Why choose this to be a reliable IPTV provider?

When it comes to the price, it must to be said that they have all packages with diversify prices, including one-month to 2-year package. You can completely access to all channels with each one above and choose any channels in bouquet. Please follow the prices below to figure out that the price is affordable:

Bestbuyiptv BestBuyIPTV - The Top Quality Provider

In terms of compatibility, BestBuyIPTV also offer a variety of devices such as Smart TV, Android, Mag device, Fire TV, IOS and another typical device. Common to all devices are their ease usage, friendly-interfaces that are concentrated on streaming. They also provide  immense entertainment content, user-friendliness and spectacular performance compared with another devices.

They provide a 48-hour free trial that clients are able to make use of it. Do consider before making decision of a long-term watching period.

If the service works perfectly with your device, you can continue the subscription with multi-connection options from 1 to 3 connections at different prices. Clients will get a 10% discount if registering with multi-connection. Therefore, the package, of course, is much cheaper than only one connection subscription.

About content of channels, they support a huge number of channels with various fields like sports, music, films, kids. That makes you comfortable with their service all the time. There is a need of considering about VODs and TV Series, mainly because they offer 25000 VODs all over the world.

EPG is covering for almost channels that clients are able to watch the preview schedule of channels, specially sports events. There is no extra with packages if clients require EPG for these channels.

Finally, we mention that BestbuyIPTV own a wide range of payment methods including visa, mastercard, bitcoin or paypal. What special thing is the automatically updated payment on website: after successful paying.

What clients make comments about BestBuyIPTV

On Truspilot site, they got many possitive complements from former users, specially about their a variety number of channels and high-quality VODs.

bestbuyiptv-truspilot BestBuyIPTV - The Top Quality Provider

However, some downsides still exists when using service

When it comes to IPTV, we can mention to buffering or lagging issue with some channels. For some reasons, IPTV is the service which is re-streaming with no legal, so this issue is possible.

Another thing we would like to mention is that sometimes there is some no signal channels. Then you must keep in touch with administrators to get them fixed. Do not worry much simply because they will fix these down channels immediately.

Maybe it takes time and difficult to pay via paypal option, have to purchase gift card and charge them into shop cart within no hidden fee.

We evaluated 9 out of 10 points about their high quality, compatibility and enthusiasm of the support teams on their own accord. Clients are able to experience the no-money test in