Cloudstream APK Eliminated from GitHub Following Complaint by MPA

IntroductionThe open-source Android app Cloudstream APK has recently faced significant challenges, leading to its removal from GitHub. The Motion Picture Association (MPA), which represents major Hollywood studios and streaming giant Netflix, successfully filed a complaint that resulted in the removal


The open-source Android app Cloudstream APK has recently faced significant challenges, leading to its removal from GitHub. The Motion Picture Association (MPA), which represents major Hollywood studios and streaming giant Netflix, successfully filed a complaint that resulted in the removal of two repositories associated with Cloudstream. This article delves into the details of these events and the implications they hold for the future of Cloudstream and other similar platforms.

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Background on Cloudstream

Cloudstream APK is an Android app that has gained popularity in recent years as an unauthorized alternative to legal streaming services like Amazon, Disney, and Netflix. It functions by aggregating pirated content from various third-party streaming sources, offering users access to a wide range of popular titles completely free of charge. The app’s sleek design and user-friendly interface have garnered a significant user base, making it a desirable choice for those seeking free streaming options on their Android devices.

Cloudstream is an Android app (APK) that aggregates pirated content from third-party streaming sources.

Actions Taken by MPA

The MPA has been actively targeting Cloudstream for copyright infringement. Prior to the recent events, the app had faced opposition from companies like Sky UK. However, it was the MPA’s takedown notice in March that prompted Cloudstream’s developer, known as “Lag,” to voluntarily remove the website and certain portions of the app’s code. Lag’s decision was driven by a desire to avoid legal trouble with the MPA, which was described as “the absolute worst anti-piracy coalition.”

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MPA’s Takedown Notice

In March, the MPA not only targeted the Cloudstream website but also filed a takedown notice with GitHub, the popular code-sharing platform. The notice demanded the removal of various files related to third-party code repositories associated with Cloudstream. Primarily, these files were extensions that facilitated the app’s pirated content streaming capabilities. GitHub complied with the takedown notice, taking the files offline but leaving the repositories themselves accessible to users.

GitHub’s Response

GitHub’s response to the MPA’s takedown notice demonstrated a nuanced approach. While the platform removed the targeted extension files, it allowed the main repository to remain online. The main repository solely hosts the basic app code without any extensions and continues to be actively developed. This approach suggests that GitHub may be distinguishing between the core app and the additional extensions that contribute to copyright infringement.

MPA’s Ongoing Actions

Despite the initial success of the takedown notice, the MPA’s actions against Cloudstream did not stop there. The organization recently filed another takedown notice with GitHub, this time demanding the removal of two additional code repositories in their entirety. The MPA alleged that these repositories hosted and provided the CloudStream APK software for download, which it claimed was facilitating massive copyright infringement by enabling the unauthorized streaming of copyrighted motion pictures and television shows.

Github’s Compliance

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In response to the MPA’s latest takedown notice, GitHub removed the two repositories mentioned in the complaint. Users attempting to access these repositories are now met with a notice stating that the repositories are unavailable due to a DMCA takedown. Interestingly, the code contained within these repositories is not new; it stems from an older release that has been available on GitHub for several years and is no longer actively supported.

Potential Impact

It is worth noting that the repositories recently taken down were distinct in their nature compared to the fully-loaded versions of Cloudstream capable of streaming pirated content. These repositories contained older versions of the app that did not rely on extensions and could potentially be used directly for unauthorized streaming. Additionally, the repositories featured screenshots illustrating the use of the APK to stream copyrighted material, potentially contributing to the perceived infringement.

The Future of Cloudstream on GitHub

The MPA’s takedown notices have primarily targeted extension files associated with Cloudstream. As of now, the main repository hosting the basic app code remains untouched by these actions. While this suggests that the MPA is currently focused on addressing specific copyright infringement aspects, it is uncertain whether their stance will change in the future. The fate of Cloudstream on GitHub ultimately hinges on the MPA’s ongoing actions and the platform’s response.

The actions undertaken by the MPA regarding Cloudstream exemplify the increasing vigilance among copyright holders regarding potential sources of copyright infringement. In their efforts to combat piracy and protect their intellectual property, copyright holders are leveraging their legal influence to shut down platforms that facilitate unauthorized streaming and distribution of copyrighted content. This trend highlights the ever-growing challenges faced by developers and platforms involved in the distribution of pirated content.


The recent removal of Cloudstream APK from GitHub following the MPA’s complaint marks a significant development in the ongoing battle against copyright infringement. While specific files related to third-party extensions were taken down, the basic app code repository remains accessible. The MPA’s continued actions and GitHub’s response will undoubtedly shape the future of Cloudstream and similar platforms. As copyright holders intensify their efforts to combat piracy, developers and users must navigate a changing landscape of authorized and unauthorized streaming options.

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