Installing Diggz Xenon Kodi Build on Firestick (Kodi version 20)

 This detailed review of the Diggz Xenon Build provides everything you need to know!  Introduction This comprehensive review aims to provide you with a detailed analysis of the Diggz Xenon Build for Kodi on Firestick and Android devices. In addition to discussing its features and


This detailed review of the Diggz Xenon Build provides everything you need to know!


diggz xenon build




This comprehensive review aims to provide you with a detailed analysis of the Diggz Xenon Build for Kodi on Firestick and Android devices. In addition to discussing its features and installation process, we will also address important questions regarding its safety and legality. By the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of the Diggz Xenon Build and its potential benefits and drawbacks.


Diggz Xenon Build Overview


The Diggz Xenon Build stands out as one of the most popular Kodi builds available. It offers a wide range of content, including movies, TV series, sports, and Free IPTV, all conveniently located in the Diggz Repository. However, it is worth noting that this particular build is not available in Kodi’s official repository, which can sometimes raise concerns about its legitimacy.


Installation Guide


If you’re new to Kodi, it’s important to understand that a Kodi build is an all-in-one platform that provides various addons and additional features to enhance your streaming experience. Since the Diggz Xenon Build cannot be installed through the official Kodi repository, it requires a slightly different installation process.

diggz xenon build categories

To begin, ensure that you have Kodi installed on your device. If not, you can refer to our guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick and other Android devices. Once Kodi is installed, you can proceed with the following steps:

is diggz xenon kodi build safe


  1. Launch Kodi and click on the Settings icon.
  2. In the Settings menu, select “System”.
  3. Hover over “Add-ons” and enable the “Unknown sources” option.
  4. A warning message will appear, confirming your choice. Click “Yes” to proceed.
  5. Return to the previous menu and select “File manager”.
  6. Click “Add source”.
  7. In the source URL field, enter the official Diggz Xenon Build URL:
  8. Name the media source and click “OK”.
  9. Go back to the main menu and select “Add-ons”.
  10. Choose “Install from zip file”.
  11. Select the media source you named earlier.
  12. Choose the zip file named “”.
  13. Wait for the Diggz Matrix Repository Add-on to install and display the confirmation message.
  14. Return to the “Install from repository” menu.
  15. Select the Diggz Matrix Repository.
  16. Choose “Program add-ons”.
  17. Select “Chef Matrix Wizard”.
  18. Click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete.
  19. Once installed, go back to the Kodi home screen and navigate to “Add-ons”, then “Chef Matrix Wizard”, and finally, “Builds”.
  20. Choose “Diggz Xenon Plus” from the available options.
  21. Click “Install” and confirm your choice by clicking “Yes, Install”.
  22. Allow some time for the build to download and install.
  23. Once the installation is complete, click “OK”.
  24. Restart Kodi to start using the Diggz Xenon Build on your Firestick or Android device.



Categories within the Build


The Diggz Xenon Build offers a comprehensive range of categories to cater to various entertainment preferences. These categories include Xenon Plus, Sports, Networks, TV Guide, Debrid, Music, Arcade, Settings, and Weather, among others. With such diverse options at your disposal, you can easily navigate through different genres and find the content you desire.

Click the <None> icon to open the search box. icon to open the search box.”>Click Add source.Next click the back button on your remote and select File manager.


Safety Concerns


Before proceeding with the installation of the Diggz Xenon Build, it is crucial to consider safety precautions. A scan of the build’s repository URL using VirusTotal revealed the presence of two potentially suspicious files associated with viruses or malware. It is advisable to exercise caution when accessing content through unverified third-party builds. To protect your online activity and maintain anonymity while streaming, it is strongly recommended to utilize a reliable VPN service. By encrypting your connection and masking your IP address, a VPN like Surfshark VPN can ensure a secure streaming experience.

Wait a few seconds for the Diggz Matrix Repository Add-on installed message to appear.Click the zip file URL for the diggz kodi buildLocate and select your media source.Click Install from zip file for diggz xenon kodi buildClick the back button and select Add-ons.Name the media source whatever you prefer and click OK.Diggz Kodi Build Repo URL




The Diggz Xenon Build remains a popular choice for Kodi users seeking a variety of streaming options. While its availability outside of Kodi’s official repository may raise concerns, the build continues to attract users due to its extensive content library. However, it is important to note that since the licensing of unverified Kodi builds and addons cannot be determined definitively, users are ultimately responsible for their own content choices.

Click Install diggz xenon buildClick Chef Matrix Wizard to find the diggz xenon buildChoose Program add-ons.Click Diggz Xenon Matrix Repository.Next click Install from repository.

For those looking to explore legal and verified IPTV providers, IPTV WIRE’s resource guide offers a reliable list of options. Additionally, Surfshark VPN provides security and anonymity for unverified Kodi builds, ensuring a safer streaming experience. By referring to our detailed installation guide, you can easily set up the Diggz Xenon Build and enjoy a wide range of streaming options on your Firestick or Android device.

Click Yes, Install.Click Install diggz xenon buildChoose Diggz Xenon Plus buildClick Builds to find diggz xenon matrixReturn back to the home screen of Kodi and select Add-ons from the main menu. Then select Chef Matrix Wizard.Wait a minute or two for the Chef Matrix Wizard Add-on installed message to appear.


Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Diggz Xenon Build?


The Diggz Xenon Build is a free Kodi build that offers a vast selection of live channels, sports, movies, and other content. It serves as an all-in-one platform within Kodi, providing a comprehensive streaming experience.

Relaunch Kodi from your home screen or Apps menu.Once the installation is complete click OK.Wait a minute or two for the diggz xenon build to download.


What Content does the Diggz Xenon Build have?


The Diggz Xenon Build features thousands of movies, TV series, live channels, and more. Users can access a wide variety of content in various genres through this build.


What is a Kodi Build?


A Kodi build combines multiple addons and additional features to create a comprehensive streaming platform. It offers a user-friendly interface and simplifies the process of accessing different types of content.


Is this Kodi Build Free?


Yes, the Diggz Xenon Build is completely free to use on any compatible streaming device. Users can enjoy its extensive library of content without any additional charges.


What devices can this Kodi Build be installed on?


The Diggz Xenon Build can be installed on any device running the Android operating system, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and various Android-powered devices. This ensures compatibility across a wide range of streaming devices.

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