Top 6 Exclusive FileSynced Codes for accessing Hidden Streaming Apps (2023)

IntroductionThis comprehensive guide aims to provide users with a detailed list of the best FileSynced codes available for installing free streaming apps, IPTV players, tools, and more. By using FileSynced, individuals can easily access third-party applications (APKs) that are not available on popular


filesynced codes

This comprehensive guide aims to provide users with a detailed list of the best FileSynced codes available for installing free streaming apps, IPTV players, tools, and more. By using FileSynced, individuals can easily access third-party applications (APKs) that are not available on popular app stores like Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. This article will explore the functionality of FileSynced, its compatibility with various devices, and provide an extensive list of the top FileSynced codes for users to explore.

best filesynced codes

How FileSynced Works

FileSynced is an Android application that facilitates the installation of third-party applications or APKs. Unlike conventional app stores, FileSynced requires users to input specific codes to access curated “stores” filled with a plethora of third-party apps and IPTV options. By entering the codes, users can explore and download apps without the need to enter lengthy URLs on the Downloader App. This streamlined process simplifies the installation of various apps and offers a convenient alternative for users.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, which is the most popular streaming device today due to its low price and ability to unlock the device.


FileSynced codes are compatible with a wide range of devices powered by the Android operating system. The most popular device among users for utilizing FileSynced codes is the Amazon Firestick. Renowned for its affordability and ability to unlock advanced features, the Firestick supports the seamless installation of FileSynced codes. Additionally, other Android-powered devices such as the NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Tivo Stream 4K, and generic Android TV boxes are ideal for leveraging the capabilities of FileSynced codes.

Is FileSynced Safe?This list highlights the best FileSynced codes that you can use for easy installation of various free IPTV apps, video players, movie APKs, device cleaners, media centers, IPTV players, and many other APKs.

List of Best FileSynced Codes

The following is a comprehensive list of the best FileSynced codes currently available for users to employ for a diverse range of streaming app installations, IPTV players, tools, and more. These codes have been ranked based on their overall popularity, the quality of the apps and tools provided, the categories they cover, and the total number of apps available within the library.

Code: 10000017

The FileSynced code 10000017 secures the top spot on our list due to its extensive collection of streaming apps and tools. This store encompasses a wide range of categories, including movies, TV shows, live TV, video players, and various tools. Overall, this code offers users access to over 80 apps, fulfilling diverse streaming needs.

Code: 88888888

By entering the FileSynced code 88888888, users can explore the “DreamLocator” store, which primarily focuses on providing free live TV applications. This code offers access to notable apps like Pluto TV, Vudu, DAZN, X-Plore File Manager, ESPN, Tubi, Peacock TV, and many others. With over 25 apps available, users can enjoy a variety of live TV options and file management tools.

best filesynced codes 10000017

Code: 55555555

Managed by the renowned YouTuber “LeeTV,” the FileSynced code 55555555 offers an array of popular streaming apps. Users utilizing this code can explore media centers, movie portals, TV show platforms, and even third-party app stores. Notable apps available through this code include Kodi, APKTime, Aptoide TV, and SSports, among others. Although the number of apps available through this code is relatively smaller, the quality and diversity of options make it worthwhile.

best filesynced codes 88888888

Code: 98766969

The FileSynced code 98766969 grants access to the “John Wayne V2 Store,” which boasts an impressive selection of applications. Users can enjoy popular choices like Live Net TV, Cinema HD, Swift Streamz, Viva TV, Movie HD, and many more. With over 75 apps available, users can indulge in a range of movies, TV shows, live TV, and file management options.

best filesynced codes 55555555

Code: 20212021

If you seek Kodi Builds and forks for quick installation, the FileSynced code 20212021 is tailored to your preferences. Referred to as “DaBs Kodi Forks,” this code is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their Kodi experience. Notable apps available through this code include The Crew, Slamious, Green Monster, and several others. Although the number of apps in this store is comparatively smaller, the provision of Kodi Builds and forks expands its functionality.

98766969 store

Code: 10000013

The “Dabs TV and Movie Options” store, accessible through the FileSynced code 10000013, completes our list of the best FileSynced codes. This code offers users access to apps like Downloader, FilmPlus, XPlore Manager, Cinema HD, Locast, UK Turks, and many more. This store provides over 10 apps, primarily focusing on file management, live TV, movies, and TV series.

10000013 store20212021 store

Additional FileSynced Codes and Resources

While the codes mentioned above are widely recognized and highly recommended, there are numerous other FileSynced codes worth exploring. These include various “private” codes that require a special pin not made available to the general public. Although accessing these exclusive libraries may require extra effort, they often provide access to exceptional streaming content. Moreover, users have the option to register on FileSynced’s official website, allowing them to create personal codes tailored to their preferences. The website also offers additional resources for popular codes, such as Best Downloader Codes, Best Unlinked Codes, and Best AppLinked Codes.

If you want to create your own code, you can now register on FileSynced's official website. Click “Sign Up” on the top menu to get started.

Legality of FileSynced Codes

Using FileSynced codes and installing apps via this platform is completely legal. However, it is crucial to note that some content accessed through third-party apps may be illegal. To ensure compliance with legal boundaries, users are advised to watch content available in the public domain. It is worth mentioning that if an unverified application is deemed illegal, it is promptly reported on the IPTV WIRE website to inform users about any potential breaches. Ultimately, users are responsible for the content they access through FileSynced codes.


In conclusion, FileSynced codes provide an efficient and user-friendly method for installing a diverse range of third-party apps, streaming platforms, tools, and more. The aforementioned codes encompass various categories, ensuring users can find apps that suit their specific needs. By adhering to legal guidelines and watching content within the public domain, users can safely explore the vast world of streaming through FileSynced. Whether you own an Amazon Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, or any Android-powered device, FileSynced codes open up a realm of possibilities for enhancing your streaming experience.

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