How to get the password to unzip files

find the code

Recently, the increasing development of the IPTV market has boosted hundred new technologies to be created. IPTV providers are in the race to released outstanding features and products to appeal to customers.

We – Bestbuy IPTV, proud to be one of the top IPTV providers – have launched new software that makes your viewing have the most wonderful experiences.

You just need to download the software, enter the password to activate it, and take advantage of all the marvelous features that it brings you.

How to get the password to unzip files is demonstrated steps by steps below.

Step 1: Go to Google and search the keyword: iptv providers 

(You should copy and paste the keyword into the searching box)

Step 2: Find the keyword on Page 1 of the search results and click on the article as shown below:

(The article may be on another page but low rate, usually only on Page 1.  If it is not on Page 1, you can find it on Page 2 or other pages)

Screenshot_10 How to get the password to unzip files

Step 3: Go to the web, scroll down to the bottom of the article, you will see a code. Click get to code, wait 10s. See detailed pictures below.

codeget1 How to get the password to unzip files


Now you can get the password to unzip the file that you have already downloaded.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us to get the best support.