IPTV Affiliate

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Recently, affilate has been known as a popular marketing term. Affilate opens more opportunities for all the people earning money when they share a product or service with other people.

What is IPTV Affiliate?

IPTV Affiliate means when you put a link or banner of IPTV provider on your website or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and etc. Then if someone visits the IPTV page and make payments via the link or banner, you will can start earning by receiving commisions from this.

How to start IPTV Affiliate?

At first, you need to register. Next, you can put your affiliate link to the IPTV website via a text or image banner. You will have commissions if someone accesses the IPTV page and purchases via the link on your website.

But if you registered and have a subscription, you do not need to register again. You can start Affiliate program by getting affiliate link from your Dashboard

Register to start Affiliate Program

Why should IPTV Affiliate be chosen?


To be honest,  when you like the service, we suggest you recommend another one about our service. Our users have done that for many years. You believe in us when you suggest your friends use our service. When you trust in us, we are ready to give you an award. So, the IPTV Affiliate Program is actually a reward plan for a partner.

If you suggest iptv service which is not good, I make sure that you lose trust in your relatives or friends. Therefore, to keep good relationships with everyone, you should guarantee all the products as well as service you introduce is really stable and awesome. It is worth being recommended.

Reliable and amazing streaming

Our IPTV service has a huge library of content such as live channels, movies, tv series. Especially, this service is worth believing and stable. You do not need to worry about freezing and buffering. That is why you do not pass our service.

Earnings & Guaranteed Payments

Payment will be made sure to do on time. When joining our IPTV Affiliate programs and becoming our partner, you will receive a stable amount of income. Our IPTV Affiliate Program will help you earn more money even when you sleep.

What should you know?

Firstly, to receive commissions from us, you need to have a PayPal account. Paypal is the only payment method that is supported at the moment. The affiliate partners will get the payment when they have more sales which are more than $50. Moreover, you are not allowed to use your affiliate link to purchase the subscription. If you still do that, we will terminate your affiliate account. And, it is certain that you lose all the potential earnings.

If customers asked for a refund but commission is paid to you, your commission will be adjusted a little from your future payments.

Partner Affiliates – FAQ’s

  1. What is the Affiliate Program?
    Our Affiliate Programs will give you a financial reward when you direct new customers to our website for a subscription. When a subscription was purchased successfully by customers you refer, you will receive commissions for sales.
  2. How to join the Affiliate Program?
    It is easy to join this program. To start, you can click on sign-up link. Then, you will get your own affiliate link
  3. How does the Affiliate Program work? Our program helps you earn money when you direct new customers to our website and they pay for subscriptions. You can put banners, links, product reviews we provide on your social media. When you share new customers about our service and then they make a purchase with us, we will receive commissions from sales.
  4. Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?
    It is completely free to join this program. There’s no charge and there’s no minimum sales requirement.
  5. How much can Affiliate partner be earned?
    It depends oon you. We also provide the content to put on your social media but your commissions completely  are based on your sales
  6. Is it allowed to put posts about our service on many websites?
    100% yes! You can put posts about our service on one or all of your website or social media pages. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more visitors who are able to be sent to us.
  7. Is the Blog or website eligible for the Affiliate Program?
    Most blogs and websites can join this Affiliate Program. However, we have the right to to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time if your website contains unsuitable content.
  8. You can join Affiliate Program without your own blogs and website
    Instead of blogs and websites, you can use your social media as a means to share about our service via the affiliate link.
  9. I don’t use your IPTV service yet, Can I participate in your Affiliate Program?
    Yes, you can. However, to be honest, you should spend some days try using our service. You can use a free trial to test, so you do not need to pay anything. Then, you will have certain knowledge about our service. That makes you more confident to recommend our service for your relatives.