How to set up IPTV connection on Roku

IPTV for Roku

Do you have a Roku player? Then you will be able to go ahead and configure IPTV on it. There are some steps that you will have to follow. This article will provide you with all those steps that you should follow, so that you can end up with configuring Roku.

What is IPTV?

When you take a look at the IPTV services available out there, you will notice that there are two main options available to consider. The very first version of IPTV is called as VOD or Video on Demand. This is where you will be able to pick a TV show or a movie to watch from a library that contains them. You can find some dedicated VOD apps available out there as well. Amazon Prime and Netflix are perfect examples to prove the above-mentioned fact.

The second option of IPTV available for you to enjoy is called as Live IP TV. This is where you will be provided with access to the live television channels. Some of the best examples for such IPTV services available out there include YouTube TV, Fubo TV, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV and YouTube.

The ITPV services are offered to you at a premium price tag. You will need to make a payment to one of the IPTV service providers and obtain your subscription. Once you obtain the subscription, you will be provided with the M3U link. You should enter that M3U link and proceed with configuring the IPTV connection. Then you will be able to enjoy IPTV content.

What is Roku?roku stick

You will be able to find numerous players, which you can use to watch and enjoy IPTV content on your devices. Out of those different players, Roku has received a lot of attention. You can even get the Roku OS and proceed with getting your player. It is an open source operating system, which is available for any interested person to download and install.

Watching Roku on Roku ROKU TV

Roku platform has banned some of the IPTV Players from their store. However, there are some workaround options available for you to use and proceed with getting hold of the Roku players again. We will share one such possible work around option that you will be able to try through this article.

For the workaround shared through this article, we will be using an app that is called as Web Video Caster. You can simply load the IPTV Playlist shared with you by the IPTV service provider. Then you will be able to use it to cast live IPTV channels into the Roku device. You will be able to download Web Video Caster app from the Google Play Store. Or else, you can also get the app from the Apple App Store. roku channels

How to configure Web Video Caster to enjoy IPTV on your Roku? Roku ultra

Before we proceed, it is important to note that M3U Playlist Player is no longer available within the Roku channel store. Therefore, you will no longer be able to add the M3U playlist app to your Roku. Instead, you can think about using Plex, so that you can stream content into Roku. However, it is not an easy thing to do and you will have to go through a quite complex process. This is why we thought of sharing the most convenient method to get the job done, which is to seek the assistance of Web Video Caster app.

  • You should first download and install the Web Video Caster app on your device. Based on the device you have, you will be able to proceed with getting the job done.
  • In case if you have installed Web Video Caster app within your device, you will be able to launch it.
  • On the app interface, you can find a small three dotted that is located in the top right hand corner. In there, you can find an option called IPTV. You should click on it and proceed.

11-1 How to set up IPTV connection on Roku

  • Now you can click on the + icon, which you can find on the top. This icon is shown right under the IPTV address. In here, you will have to paste the M3U file, which is shared along with you by the IPTV services provider. You should then click on the option called Or Select an IPTV file. In here, you will be able to locate the M3U file stored in the local storage and pick it.
  • You will now be asked to enter a name for the IPTV list. You are provided with all the freedom to add a name to the playlist according to your preferences. Once you add a name, click on the SAVE button. All the changes that you do will be saved like that.

12-1 How to set up IPTV connection on Roku

  • Now you should click on the Cast Icon that you see on Roku. This icon can be found in the top right hand corner of the Roku interface.

13-1 How to set up IPTV connection on Roku

  • You should next allow Roku to do an app scan within the home network. While you do this, you need to make sure that Roku device and smartphone are properly connected to each other. They should be within the same Wi-Fi network as well.

14-1 How to set up IPTV connection on Roku

  • Now you can get back into the IPTV section of the mobile app. In here, you will be able to see how the Roku playlist is getting loaded.
  • Once the Roku playlist is successfully loaded, you will be able to pick a channel out of the list. Or else, you can simply get the assistance of search function, which is located above. Then you can search and locate a channel to enjoy.
  • You should then select the Roku on your next page. After clicking on Play button, you can proceed with enjoying IPTV on Roku.

This alternative method can be used by anyone who has a Roku device to enjoy IPTV content.