DISH Network Emerges Victorious in Lawsuit Against Jadoo TV, an IPTV Box Distributor

Jadoo TV Loses Piracy Lawsuit Against DISH NetworkThe IPTV box distributor, Jadoo TV, has recently faced a significant setback in a piracy lawsuit filed against them by DISH Network. The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) and DISH Network, a member of the coalition, emerged

Jadoo TV Loses Piracy Lawsuit Against DISH Network

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The IPTV box distributor, Jadoo TV, has recently faced a significant setback in a piracy lawsuit filed against them by DISH Network. The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) and DISH Network, a member of the coalition, emerged victorious in this protracted legal battle against Jadoo TV and its CEO, Sajid Sohail.

One of the crucial aspects of this lawsuit is that the California court granted a summary judgment, holding both Jadoo TV and Sajid Sohail accountable for direct, contributory, and vicarious infringement. This decision has far-reaching implications, especially for Sohail, as he was found personally liable, which may have consequences for Jadoo TV’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

The IPTV box distributor Jadoo TV has lost a piracy lawsuit against DISH Network.

The accusations against Jadoo TV and Sohail stem from DISH Network’s claim of copyright infringement. In 2018, DISH Network alleged that Jadoo TV had been conducting a deliberate, large-scale operation over several years, distributing channels exclusively licensed to DISH Network without proper authorization. This action blatantly violated 17 U.S.C. Section 501.

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Sohail, as the CEO of Jadoo TV, was also implicated due to his supposed involvement in authorizing and directing Jadoo TV’s copyright infringements. However, both Jadoo TV and Sohail rejected these allegations in 2019. The court initially ruled that the charges presented a plausible inference of Sohail’s involvement in the alleged infringements, dismissing Sohail’s motion to dismiss when DISH Network submitted an amended complaint in 2020.

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Fast forward to March 2023, where both DISH Network and Sohail filed motions for summary judgment. The District Court, presided over by Judge Charles R. Breyer, favored DISH Network and denied Sohail’s motion. The court established that there was no genuine dispute regarding DISH Network’s ownership of the copyrighted material, the defendants’ violation of DISH Network’s exclusive rights, or Sohail’s personal liability as the director of Jadoo TV.

The court further ruled that Jadoo TV was fully aware of the infringement and could have easily taken measures to prevent it. Consequently, the court held Jadoo TV responsible for contributory infringement. Additionally, the court agreed with DISH Network’s claim of vicarious infringement, concluding that Jadoo TV had financially benefited from the infringement and failed to exercise control over it.

Given these rulings, the court instructed both parties to propose what relief should be awarded to DISH Network within a 45-day timeframe. DISH Network has proposed seeking statutory damages, Jadoo TV’s profits derived from the infringement, legal costs incurred, and a permanent injunction.

In terms of potential statutory damages, the amount could potentially reach up to $14.5 million if the court agrees to the maximum of $150,000 per work for the 97 works involved in the case. Additionally, the court may consider additional damages or profits for works published outside the United States. While the final sum remains uncertain, it is evident that Sohail cannot evade his personal accountability for the infringement.

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The lawsuit, led by IBCAP, has resulted in Jadoo TV declaring bankruptcy. However, the fact that Sohail has been found personally liable provides some hope for potential recovery options. Interestingly, despite the legal troubles, the Jadoo TV website remains online, continuing to sell set-top IPTV boxes.

Chris Kuelling, the executive director of IBCAP, expressed satisfaction with the verdict. He emphasized the significance of this ruling, highlighting that the owner and CEO of a popular South Asian service offering infringing content cannot hide behind a corporate shield and has been held personally liable for the damages caused by his and his company’s copyright infringement.

This ruling sets a precedent for copyright cases coordinated by IBCAP, as it showcases the U.S. courts’ firm stance against piracy and their commitment to not only side with copyright holders but also hold infringers, including company owners, accountable for their actions.

For more detailed information on this lawsuit, you can refer to the official court documentation (PDF) and the report published by TorrentFreak.

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