Over 14000 live channels with Maxx IPTV


Maxx IPTV supports TV guides for clients to enjoy a number of lively TV programs including Adult content, Movies, Kid shows, Music, Sport, etc. Another distinct thing is that they offer backup channels from separated servers, that’s why their price is quite more expensive than other providers.

What Makes MAXXIPTV Different than the other IPTV Services?

1Channelsover 13000 Live channels from over 60 countries
2VOD LibraryHave no VODs
3AdultSupport adult content
4EPGSupport EPG for almost channel all over the world
5Payment methodbuy vouchers in shopcart
6Trial accounthave no free trial, trial lasts 2-7 days costed 3-5$
7Package1 Month IPTV: $12.00USD/Month
3 Months IPTV: $33.00USD/ 3 Month
6 Month IPTV: $62.00USD/ 6 Month
1 Year IPTV: $115.00USD/Year
8Support devicean Android Device, IOS Device, Fire Stick, Fire TV, or even your smart tv
9Multiple connectionAllow 1 connections at the same time in maximum
10Customer supportnot 24/7/365 support

What do you do with over 13,000 channels?

What makes MAXXIPTV different from other providers is to bring IPTV as convenient to use as switch the TV on. If any channels are ruined, they immediately have alternative streaming called backup sources.

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The price is for over 13000 international channels:

1 Month IPTV: $12.00USD/Month
3 Months IPTV: $33.00USD/ 3 Month
6 Month IPTV: $62.00USD/ 6 Month
1 Year IPTV: $115.00USD/Year

They offer 1 connection for only one line at the same time with all packages. Furthermore, they support not only a large number of EPG for almost channels but also many devices including Android Device, IOS Device, FireStick TV, or even your smart tv.

maxx-iptv-300x148 Over 14000 live channels with Maxx IPTV

What customer says about Maxx IPTV?

However, we got 2.9 out of 5 points in reviews from the Amazon website about Maxx IPTV in case of poor customer service and the not good quality of channels. It is a little over average extend.

review-of-maxx-300x225 Over 14000 live channels with Maxx IPTV

What do you get from Maxx IPTV?


  • Rich in content: They have over 13000 TV shows and live channels with the backup source about a wide variety of areas from more than 60 countries around the world
  • Also, they support Adult channels to need to customer’s demand
  • Start at 12.00 USD for a month this price is reasonable
  • The trial costs 3-5$


  • Do not support multi-connection working at the same time
  • VODs is not sorted into each separating category for clients to easily finding out
  • Following a large number of reviews on Amazon websites, the channel quality is not good. It is frequently lagging, buffering, or stoping working anytime
  • The support customer team is not flexible and enthusiastic to answer your question about IPTV
  • Finally, Maxx IPTV is canceled for a long term that does not provide service for the public.

We evaluate 7/10 points from their launching about their quality, a huge number of channels and programs.