Troubleshooting Mobdro: Top Free Live TV Alternatives (2023)

Mobdro Not Working and Best Alternatives for Watching Live TV: Detailed OverviewMobdro Not WorkingIntroductionMobdro APK, a widely used IPTV application by millions of cord-cutters and streamers worldwide, has encountered issues and is no longer functioning properly.Shut Down and Legal BattleIn 2021,

Mobdro Not Working and Best Alternatives for Watching Live TV: Detailed Overview

mobdro not working

Mobdro Not Working


Mobdro APK, a widely used IPTV application by millions of cord-cutters and streamers worldwide, has encountered issues and is no longer functioning properly.

In 2021, Mobdro faced a legal battle with several media companies, leading to its shutdown. As a result, the application is no longer accessible.

Possibility of Hacking

Currently, the official website of Mobdro is offline, suggesting the potential that it may have been hacked. The situation is being monitored to determine the exact cause and implications of this incident.

If you visit the Mobdro Website, you will notice the screen below.

Seeking Alternatives

Considering the unavailability of Mobdro, users are advised to explore alternative options for watching live TV. The following section provides a comprehensive list of the best alternatives.

Best Alternatives to Mobdro

Pluto TV: A Comprehensive Streaming App

Pluto TV is an immensely popular free live TV and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming app. It offers a vast selection of over 250 live channels and a wide range of free movies. Available on both the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store, Pluto TV is compatible with various devices, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users.

mobdro not working

Airy TV: Another Impressive IPTV App

Airy TV, an IPTV app, stands as a solid alternative to Mobdro. It is accessible through different platforms including the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and more. With an impressive library of over 100 free live channels along with a decent movie collection, Airy TV caters to the diverse streaming preferences of users.

Live Net TV: Abundant Live Channels and User-Friendly Features

mobdro alternatives pluto tv

For those seeking an alternative with a wide range of live channels and user-friendly features, Live Net TV is an excellent choice. This free IPTV app boasts features such as a favorites manager, compatibility with external players like MX Player and VLC, and regular channel updates. With its diverse channel options, Live Net TV ensures an engaging streaming experience.

TVTap Pro: A Reliable Free IPTV App

mobdro alternatives airy tv

TVTap Pro is a long-standing free IPTV app that has gained significant popularity among cord-cutters. Offering hundreds of free live channels across various categories, TVTap Pro caters to a wide range of interests and preferences. With its extensive channel lineup and user-friendly interface, this app serves as a reliable alternative to Mobdro.

Swift Streamz: A Growing Channel List

Swift Streamz is an impressive free Live TV application that continues to expand its library, making it a viable alternative to Mobdro. With over 700 channels to choose from, users can access a diverse range of content. Swift Streamz is constantly evolving, ensuring users have access to a dynamic and satisfying streaming experience.

When using IPTV apps or services, it is vital to consider legal implications and compliance to avoid any potential legal issues. While Mobdro is no longer functional and its legal status is uncertain, users should exercise caution with alternative IPTV apps.

live net tv

Responsibility of End-Users

It is crucial to understand that users bear the responsibility for any content accessed through free IPTV apps and services. IPTV Wire, as an informational resource, cannot verify the licensing status of these unverified apps.

tvtap pro

For individuals seeking 100% legal and verified IPTV services, IPTV Wire recommends exploring reputable and trustworthy options. Providers like Vidgo are recommended for a seamless and legal live TV streaming experience.

swift streamz

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobdro Not Working

Reasons Behind Mobdro Not Working

Mobdro is currently non-operational due to its shutdown in 2021 as a result of legal conflicts with media companies. This cessation of service has rendered Mobdro unavailable for users.

Notable Mobdro Alternatives

To compensate for the unavailability of Mobdro, several alternatives, including Pluto TV, Airy TV, Live Net TV, TVTap Pro, and Swift Streamz, have proved to be reliable options for watching live TV.

As of 2021, Mobdro has been declared illegal and subsequently shut down due to legal disputes. However, determining the licensing status of other IPTV apps can be challenging, as some may not be available through official platforms such as the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

Safety and Security of Mobdro Alternatives

The safety and security of Mobdro alternatives can vary depending on the specific IPTV application. It is advisable to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when streaming content through free IPTV apps, as developers and potential online threats are less known in this context.

In summary, Mobdro’s current inoperability necessitates exploring alternatives for uninterrupted live TV streaming. By considering reputable options like Pluto TV, Airy TV, Live Net TV, TVTap Pro, and Swift Streamz, users can engage in an enjoyable streaming experience. It is vital to stay aware of legal considerations and use caution when accessing content through free IPTV apps, ultimately taking responsibility for one’s streaming choices.

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