What’s So Great About MyCujoo?


MyCujoo is a powerful web broadcasting solution for both small and large scale business and professional organizations looking to increase their visibility online.

Great design

With MyCujoo, businesses can have a unique interactive website with a variety of interactivity features such as video, text, gifs and games that can be accessed through a browser. MyCujoo has a unique blend of functionality and design making it an ideal solution for small and medium scale business to promote their brand and increase their online presence. This brand new technology also allows the users to add their personal touch to their websites, which in turn increases their brand value, customer loyalty and ultimately profit. The following are some of the key advantages of using MyCujoo.

User-friendly platform

First and foremost, myCujoo platform gives a unique and easy to manage video streaming feature which is one of its most important and beneficial features. MyCujoo can effectively provide a high quality stream with real time data streaming mechanism which ensures a perfect synchronization and playback experience. The unique and innovative web broadcasting features of myCujoo give the users the power to create unique streaming promos/live events which can attract a huge audience at any place and at any time with the use of latest gadgets such as Chroma Key, iPad 2, iPhone and Android phones. Other than that, myCujoo allows users to manage their streams in various ways such as browsing events chronologically and trending events. With the advanced network scan and network monitoring features, users can also detect slow servers and ports which can effectively improve the quality of their service.

High quality streaming services

MyCujoo also offers live video streaming from GCP, one of the leading network providers offering high quality streaming services at extremely low cost. GCP uses the latest technology such as Cloud Video Platform (CVP), which provides high speed, high quality and extremely low cost service for both video and audio streams. A major advantage of using GCP for live video streaming is that it can be accessed from anywhere through the Web, which is not possible with the other available live video streaming software like Camstudio. GCP also offers the option to preview videos on demand, add comments, tags and more in real-time.

Outstanding features

MyCujoo has teamed up with several leading online communities including YouTube, Reddit, EzineArticles, ProBlogger and Yahoo Answers to bring the power of the internet to the users. These communities offer a great opportunity for the users to showcase their knowledge and acquire valuable backlinks and community recognition for their websites. Through these communities, the MyCujoo website is able to gain more exposure and traffic. The more traffic directed to a website, the more chances of people visiting the website and actually buying the products/services offered. This is the reason why MyCujoo has been able to establish a long tail list of customers which is much larger than the initial customer base.

Unique platform

MyCujoo provides its customers with a unique platform to interact with each other. MyCujoo offers a forum for its users, blogs which provides more detailed information about the product and updates on its development, a live chat service for both staff members and users to interact live with one another and one of the most important features is the ability to create your own product reviews for the MyCujoo platform. The product reviews are provided free of charge and can be accessed by the entire MyCujoo community or only those who have purchased the product. The forum is an excellent place to obtain information from other users of the MyCujoo platform. If you are interested in creating product reviews for MyCujoo, all you need to do is register with your free account at MyCujoo.

Ad-free experience

Another very important reason why MyCujoo is superior to Camstudio, GCP and other similar systems is because it does not require the user to spend any money on advertising. MyCujoo is actually free to use, so all the company has to do is maximize the potential of this innovative platform to provide excellent service to its users and gain leads. As a matter of fact, the company has just launched an innovative advertising campaign called “MyCajuba” which is a joint venture between GCP and MyCajuba to promote local businesses in low income communities in the United States and in foreign countries. The campaign is a wonderful tool for small business owners to effectively market their products or services in low income communities because it reaches out to local consumers. GCP and MyCajuba are both working on different projects to promote social marketing across the MyCajuba community. With the upcoming launch of MyCajuba, GCP will have an even stronger ally in its effort to dominate the social media marketing industry.