Rapid IPTV- Good IPTV provider

Rapid IPTV feature

Rapid IPTV one of the top IPTV service providers. They cover most of the channels on the world, provide a list with 7500 channels also guarantee their IPTV channel Quality.

About Rapid IPTV provider

1Channels4000+ Live Channels, Important Live Events
2VOD LibraryVOD with daily update
3AdultDont support adult content
4EPGComplete EPG Source
5Payment methodPayment by Credit Card / Debit Card / Bitcoin
6Trial account1 hours free trial access
7Package€10 per month billed annually
8Support devicePC, KODI, Android Box, Android, IOS (iPhone and iMac), Apple TV, Smart TV
available on Xbox one and Playstation4. (Samsung and LG), Roku, MAG BOX, Fire TV, Enigma2, Dreambox are the supported platforms
9Multiple connectionIncrease Connections Up To 5
10Customer support24/7/365 support

What do you have on the Rapid IPTV package?

Rapid IPTV package comes with 7500 channels (SD, full HD, 3D quality) and 3000 VOD. The most popular channel like Us, UK, Canada, German available along with Arabic, Argentina, Mexica and etc channels.

rapid-IPTV-channel Rapid IPTV- Good IPTV provider


Rapidiptv Client’s experience

Review on Trustpilot

Reviews are good and bad. They get 3/5 stars.
My personal experience with Rapid IPTV ios quite good. I get a trial after a few minutes, setup was easy part with the help of Rapid support team. Zapping time is quick, take me 5 seconds to switch channels, I also like their web player.

Rapid-1 Rapid IPTV- Good IPTV provider

In conclusions,


  • Wide range of HD streams (note I only watch sport channels
  • Compatible with enigma2, which means you can use the in-built EPG and scheduled recording functionality that enigma2 has.
  • Also compatible with 3rd party apps such as Mag, Kodi, and ProgTV
  • An incredibly helpful, creative community of users who have self-developed the service to make it far better than the standard Rapid offering. Playlist apps and channel organizers have really added great value to the experience.
  • A fairly speedy web form based support service (although the value that this adds is often short of the mark)


  • Unreliable. For me at least, channels often freeze or stutter, on multiple platforms (and I use them all except Mag)
  • Lack of standardization of format. The video comes in several variations in bit rate, resolution, frame rate, and general quality.
  • Rapids don’t provide free trial at this time. I receive a message: “We do not provide a free trial account anymore. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”  when request trial

I would rate 6/10 starts for Rapid IPTV. Every user has a different experience with IPTV. I would suggest you get a trial, make your own experience, and decide to buy a subscription or not.