How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

Ss Iptv app

Do you want to learn how to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television? Then you must follow the below-mentioned steps. We will provide you with a complete guide, which you can follow and finalize the configuration. If you can stick to the steps, we believe that you can end up with getting the job done without facing any difficulties.

How can you set up SS IPTV on the smart television with SS IPTV app?

SS in SS IPTV refers to Simple Smart. This is one of the best and multi-purpose apps available for watching IPTV content. You don’t need to keep any doubts or second thoughts in mind to enjoy IPTV content with the support offered by the app. You will love the content freedom that it can deliver to you as well.

Steps to download SS IPTV

  1. Downloading SS IPTV on a LG Smart Television

If you are having a LG Smart Television, you will be able to proceed and download SS IPTV app from the official LG Smart World app store. No matter what your country is, you will be able to proceed with the download and installation process. That’s because the LG Store has made it available for people in all countries.

  1. Downloading SS IPTV on Samsung Smart Television

The SS IPTV app would work only on the Samsung D series television models and higher versions. If you have a compatible television, you can visit Samsung Smart Hub, which is the app store. It is available for people in all countries as well.

  1. Downloading SS IPTV on Philips Smart Television

SS IPTV app works only on the Philips D-Series televisions and higher versions. You will be able to visit the official Philips app store and download.

How to upload SS IPTV playlist into the smart television

You should have the M3U file shared by your IPTV service provider to go ahead with this step. When you have the M3U file, you have two different options available to proceed and get the job done.

  • The very first step is to upload the M3U list through link. You will be provided with the link by your IPTV service provider. You should do it as an external playlist.
  • The second step is to upload the M3U list through non-permanent access code.

How to upload M3U playlist through direct link

Step 1 – You should fist open up SS IPTV. Then you will be able to see the main screen of the app. In here, you can find a button called Settings. You should locate that button and click on it.

main-screen How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

Step 2 – Now you will need to get the direct link of the M3U list and upload it.

  1. You should visit the Content section that you can discover within Settings of SS IPTV
  2. Now you must select External Playlists

add-ssip How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

You can simply click Add button and you can complete adding SS IPTV to the main screen that you can discover on the right hand side.

Step 3 – You can enter any title to the playlist based on your preferences. However, you must double check and ensure that you are filling in all the character fields. If everything is in order, you can simply hit on the Save button, which you can find in the top right hand corner. Once you do it, you will be able to see the playlist getting loaded on the screen.

Step 4 – You should now go back into the main screen. This is where you will be able to see the loaded playlist.

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How to upload the playlist through internal playlists option

Step 1 – You should navigate to the main screen of SS IPTV app. In here, you will be able to see the Settings button. Click on it.

Step 2 – You should now go to the section called General inside settings. This is where you can find most of the settings associated with the app. You will be able to click on Get Code button. Always keep in mind that you only have 24 hours after getting the code to complete configuration. That’s because the code would expire after a period of 24 hours.

setting How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

You will be using the code to generate your M3U playlist via your computer.

Step 3 – Now you need to get to the main website of SS IPTV app. There you can find an option to upload the playlist.

Upload-external-playlist-1 How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

You must locate the section called Enter Connection Code and insert the code you copied. Then you should click on the Add Device button.

Step 4 – Once you are done with adding the television, click on External Playlists section. You should pick the Add Item button from there.

external-playlists1 How to configure SS IPTV app on your smart television

Inside the Edit Item section, you can find a section to fill the M3U playlist that you have. In case if you have created an account on any of the IPTV websites, you can use the username and password. If you haven’t done it, you can simply register for a new account.

Step 5 – Now you should go back into the main screen of smart television. Navigate to the My Playlist section and you can see the playlist being displayed in here. All you have to do is to click on the My Playlist button. Then you will be taken to an interface, where you can enjoy all the channels offered.

If there is a change to the IPTV playlist, you will have to replace the M3U playlist you used along with the new one provided to you by the IPTV service provider.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is no possibility to go ahead and add your own EPG channels. If there are any channels without EPG, the app will not be able to open them. That’s because SS IPTV doesn’t offer compatibility for such channels.