What is an IPTV Reseller?

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An overview of IPTV standards development

The development of the global Internet in particular and information technology, in general, has brought about great progress and development of science and technology. The Internet not only has shortened the gap in space and time but also brought great benefits to people, all countries, and the world. The rapid development of information technology is one of the great benefits, playing an important role, and having widespread influence. With the rapid development of broadband Internet, it is also changing both content and technology of television. Currently, television has many different forms: digital television, satellite TV, cable TV, Internet TV, and IPTV. IPTV is the highest level and the television technology of the future. The dominant feature in IPTV television technology is the interactive feature between the system and the viewer, allowing the viewer to be proactive in time and the ability to deploy many other value-added services on the system to meet the needs of users. Currently, many countries in the world have successfully implemented IPTV. According to experts forecasts, the growth rate of IPTV subscribers will increase exponentially each year. Today, some providers are testing IPTV services on ADSL broadband network.

What is an IPTV Reseller?

Following this condition, reselling the IPTV service is one of the most popular business ideas and a perfect choice to do with its growing acceptance and prominently of IPTV. Nowadays, you can establish your own company about IPTV service. You can sell IPTV subscriptions for the customers paying on behalf of the IPTV provider. It is called Reseller. A reseller is a person who purchases IPTV service from an authentic provider and then resells to their clients. From there, a reseller can make a profit for themselves. As a reseller, you will get a panel that you can control and manage customers on, like disabling/enabling a user’s line, kick a user, changing the password of a user, adding MAG devices, managing MAG devices, and monitoring them.

Advantages of IPTV Reseller

Low investment and high profit: Investment in the resale of IPTV service business with a low and negligible amount. Then selling it back to individual users will get a pretty impressive difference. All the hard work has been done by the IPTV service providers so the cost of hiring the technician has been substantially reduced.

Technical knowledge to run an IPTV reselling business is almost unnecessary: Many people think that it takes technology-savvy to resell IPTV services. But on the contrary, the technical knowledge required to run a resale IPTV service is almost nothing. All technical support is provided by the IPTV service provider.

The existing IPTV infrastructure is already in use so no need to reset: In the IPTV resale business, one has to focus only on marketing the service and the infrastructure already set up for you.

Easy to scale as your business grows and becomes more efficient: For many businesses, scaling becomes a challenge as the business grows. This happens when you are not fully equipped to add a customer base. Fortunately, in this business, scaling is not a big deal. This is handled by your carrier in most cases.

How to choose perfect provider to reseller and how to start making money

You can register as reseller then you can resell for your clients. You just need to manage their line and show them how to configure their device and app. The most important thing is to find the right provider for you. And these are the criteria you can rely on to make a decision: Quality and reliability of streams, the availability of channels varies from country to country, additional services, such as on-demand video, electronic program guides, TV catch-up, device compatibility, support customer service.