What is IPTV?

What is IPTV

IPTV will be the future of watching television. You can ditch your traditional cable or satellite TV connection to get hold of a new IPTV connection. But before you spend your money to get a new IPTV connection, you must have a clear understanding of what it is. Then you can spend your money and make an informed decision to purchase the IPTV connection.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands out for Internet Protocol Television. Even though this sounds like a technical term, you will not need to have a technical background to understand the concept behind IPTV. When it comes to IPTV, you will not be getting the television signals through an antenna, a satellite dish, or a cable. Instead, you will be getting the service over the internet.

A variety of media content will be available to you over the internet. They include live television, movies, TV shows, and on-demand videos. You will find it a convenient time to watch TV with IPTV. On the other hand, this method of watching TV can expose you to more content when compared to the other methods.

iptv-1 What is IPTV?

It is possible for you to set up your IPTV connection over the internet. Or else, you can even have an IPTV connection over the LAN. If you set up the IPTV connection over LAN, you will become the broadcaster as well as the viewer. That’s because you will be broadcasting media content that you have in your computer systems. But if you obtain an IPTV subscription from an IPTV reseller, you will be able to gain access to the content shared by the IPTV reseller.

How to watch IPTV?

You are provided with the chance to watch IPTV content on a variety of devices that you own. It is up to you to pick the device based on what you have and then proceed to the next stage of watching media content. Here are some of the most prominent methods available for people to watch IPTV content.

  • Computer

vlc What is IPTV?

You can use a software application such as VLC media player to enjoy IPTV content on your computer. Once you obtain the IPTV subscription, you will be provided with an M3U file. This M3U file needs to be configured in the VLC media player and you will be able to see the channel list. You can pick a channel for your preferences and watch.

  • Smartphone or Tablet

tablet What is IPTV?

Watching IPTV content on a smartphone or tablet is quite popular. It will provide you with enhanced convenience while you watch TV. That’s because you will be able to enjoy your favorite channels on the go. In order to watch IPTV on the smartphone, you should think about getting an appropriate mobile app installed. Then you will be able to configure the app and enjoy content without facing any issues. You just need to have strong internet connectivity to your smartphone or tablet.

  • TV Box

android-box What is IPTV?

Android TV boxes and other similar devices such as Roku can be used to enjoy IPTV content as well. There are applications, which you can configure with the M3U file shared by the IPTV reseller. If you can get the configuration done right, you can start watching IPTV content.

  • Smart TV

samsung-tv What is IPTV?

Some of the smart TV owners have the opportunity to enjoy IPTV without going through any struggles. That’s because they will be able to download an app that can be used to watch IPTV from the official app store that comes along with the smart TV. If you one of the latest Samsung smart televisions, you will get the opportunity to do it with ease.

There are numerous IPTV service providers around the world. You will find it an easy task to locate one such service provider and obtain your connection. However, it is also important to do background research on the IPTV service provider before you make a commitment to purchase. It will provide assistance to you with refraining from trouble.

No matter what, switching to IPTV is a good decision. That’s because the service comes to you at a cheaper price when compared to traditional television. You will have to go through less frustration to set up the IPTV connection. All you have to do is to make the initial investment and get the IPTV connection accordingly.

How does IPTV work?

You need to have a clear understanding of the way how IPTV services work before you buy. Then you will know how the content is being delivered to you and what you are getting for the amount of money that you spend.

There are three different types of IPTV services available. They include time-shifted IPTV, video on demand, and live IPTV. Let’s explore each in detail and figure out how they work.

  • Live IPTV

Among people who go ahead and purchase IPTV connections, live IPTV is quite popular. That’s because you are provided with the chance to enjoy thousands of television channels with the help of IPTV. This includes television channels in other countries as well. For example, if you obtain an IPTV connection in China, you will be able to enjoy the live TV channels from Saudi Arabia from the comfort of your home.

If you take a look at a traditional IPTV service, you will be able to find how more than 5,000 different live TV channels are offered. There is something for everyone among these television channels. Hence, you can get yourself lost within the television channels and enjoy them from the comfort of your home. You will always be able to find something to watch and enjoy. It is possible for you to keep on discovering through the content so that you can get the most out of them.

Live IPTV is quite popular among sports fans. That’s because you will receive the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports content and catch the live actions. In addition to that, live IPTV is an ideal method available for watching different live events and news that take place around the world.

  • Video on demand

Video on demand is pretty much similar to a value-added service that the IPTV subscribers will be able to get. Along with video on demand, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a specific show or a movie. There is a massive library available for you to access. All you have to do is to explore the library and pick the best content to watch accordingly. The library will provide you with access to some of the most popular movies and TV shows around the world as well.

In general, people who gain access to video-on-demand content will be able to enjoy content offered by popular media streaming services such as Disney, HBO Go, Hulu, and Netflix. You don’t need to purchase a subscription to those services separately. Instead, you will be able to gain access to the content from your IPTV subscription. This will provide you with the chance to save a considerable amount of money.

Video-on-demand services can further be divided into two categories as video on demand and near video on demand. Near video on demand is pretty much similar to pay per view channels. In here, you will be provided with daily programs to watch. Or else, you can receive event-based programs.

When it comes to TV on demand, you will have access to a curated collection of TV shows, which are accessible on demand. Based on your preferences, you can make the decision to go ahead with the best option out of these.

  • Time-shifted IPTV

Time-shifted IPTV is the third type of IPTV service that is available for you to enjoy. It will also provide you with the chance to gain access to the same number of channels as similar to live IPTV. However, you are also provided with the freedom to select what you want to watch. For example, assume that you don’t have enough time to get home and watch your favorite TV show. You will be one hour late for it. However, you don’t need to worry about it because time-shifted IPTV is there for your survival. It will provide you with the opportunity to rewind and start watching content from the beginning. You will also be able to pause and fast forward content based on your preferences. This can provide you with added flexibility while you are watching live TV.

Any person who has a tight schedule will fall in love with time-shifted IPTV. That’s because you will be able to watch TV programs whenever you get time.

Is IPTV better than ordinary television?

Yes, IPTV is much better when compared to ordinary television. That’s because IPTV offers numerous benefits and you will get the opportunity to experience those benefits at the comfort of your home.

You will not have to go through a complex and time-consuming process to get your IPTV connection. Instead, you can simply make the payment and get your subscription within a few seconds. On the other hand, you will not be forced to stick to the expensive packages that are offered by the cable and satellite TV providers. When you take a look at the cable TV providers and satellite TV providers, you will be able to see a monopoly in between them. As a result, there aren’t many options available for you to consider. You can overcome the negative consequences associated with it by making the decision to purchase a new IPTV connection.

You don’t need to be a technical person to get your IPTV subscription and set it up. The IPTV service provider will share the details with you and you just need to follow them and get the job done. On the other hand, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money that you are spending on your entertainment with this option as well.

Let’s do a cross-comparison of IPTV with the other popular methods of watching television. Then you will be able to get a clear understanding of what you are receiving with IPTV.

  • Satellite television

sattelite What is IPTV?

Satellite television is broadcasting media content from satellites. You will have a dish installed at your home, which you can use to receive content. The broadcast will be encrypted and the dish will decrypt them. Therefore, you will need to have the appropriate equipment and a subscription offered by the service provider to watch satellite content. This is where you will have to bind yourself to an expensive package offered by a local service provider.

  • Cable television

cable-tv What is IPTV?

Cable television offers media content to you over coaxial and fiber cables. This looks barbaric upon comparison with IPTV. Getting a cable television subscription is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. On the other hand, you will have to keep on spending a considerable amount of money on a monthly basis for the cable television connection as well.

  • OTT streaming

ott What is IPTV?

OTT streaming refers to over the top streaming. This is where the service provider wishes to deliver media content to you, but you don’t need to have access to physical infrastructure. Netflix and Disney are perfect examples of OTT streaming services. OTT streaming services are expensive. On the other hand, it is not a method that you can use to watch live TV. Instead, you will be forced to stick only to on-demand media content.

Is IPTV reliable?

Yes, IPTV is reliable when compared to the other mainstream methods available for you to watch television. For example, satellite TV and cable TV will be impacted by adverse weather conditions. However, you will not have to experience any such difficulties when you have IPTV. You will even be able to watch content on your mobile device by using mobile data.

At the time of purchasing a television package, most people tend to focus on the reliability factor. This will never be a concern with IPTV. You can make sure that you will not face any frustration after purchasing the IPTV connection.

Pros and cons of IPTV

Let’s do a pros and cons comparison of the IPTV services to get a better understanding on what comes along with it.

Pros of IPTV services

  • Availability of content

The availability of content is one of the most prominent benefits that you can experience with IPTV. As mentioned earlier, IPTV will expose you to thousands of television channels from all around the world. You will not be able to such accessibility to content from the traditional methods of watching TV. You will find it an easy task to gain access to content that matches your preferences.

  • It is affordable

Purchasing an IPTV connection is simple and affordable. Here, you will not be forced to stick to an expensive package. When you go for such an expensive package, you will be forced to spend your money on services that you don’t really use. It will not be a concern with IPTV. That’s because you will get the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Numerous pay per view options is available to you with IPTV. In addition to that, IPTV will provide you with the chance to get an enhanced streaming quality. Numerous hardware and software integrations are available with IPTV as well. If you compare the benefits that you get out of IPTV with the amount of money that you spend, you will figure out that it is the best option available out there to try.

  • It comes with a lot of flexibility

You are provided with a high level of flexibility with the IPTV services. For example, you will be able to get your hands on catch up television. Likewise, you are provided with the chance to enjoy media content on your mobile device as well. This will help you to watch television content while you are on the go.

Cons of IPTV services

  • Too many choices

This may sound silly, but you will get overwhelmed with thousands of television channels that are displayed in front of you. Due to the same reason, there is a high possibility for you to spend a considerable amount of your time to locate something that you want to watch. This will be a waste of time.

  • Bandwidth and hardware limitations

Bandwidth and hardware limitations are in a position to create an impact on the overall experience that you will get along with IPTV. In fact, the service you get out of the IPTV service provider is dictated by the hardware that you have. Due to hardware limitations, you will have to experience packet loss with interruptions and buffering. On the other hand, you will have to experience quality downgrades, especially when your internet bandwidth is heavily being used by another device.

The quality of your set-top box can also create an impact on the quality of the IPTV connection that you get. Likewise, people who have low-end computers and smartphones will have to go through a compromised experience while they are watching TV content.

Now you have a clear picture of the pros and cons of watching IPTV. Based on these, you can make the decision to start hunting for your IPTV service. It is completely natural for you to get overwhelmed with the different options that are available for watching IPTV. You can pick the best option out of them by taking your time so that you can enjoy the content offered.

The best software available for watching IPTV

If you want to watch IPTV content on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you will need to take a look at the best software available for getting the job done. Here are some of the most prominent options that are available for you to consider.

  • Kodi

Kodi is a popular and robust media player available to you across all the major PC and mobile operating systems. You can get IPTV installed on your device and load the IPTV playlist shared by your service provider. It can provide you with quick and hassle-free access to streaming content.

  • VLC Media Player

vlc What is IPTV?

VLC Media Player comes along with in-built features, which you can use to stream IPTV content. Since it is a popular media player available for PC and mobile, you can go ahead and start using it to enjoy IPTV content without having to worry about anything.

You should obtain your IPTV subscription and you will be provided with an M3U file. You can use that M3U file in order to enjoy IPTV content from any of the applications mentioned above. With the VLC Media Player, you can easily download and use it with no instructions, which makes you really into it and meet your basic IPTV needs whenever using.

  • Watching IPTV via set-top boxesstb What is IPTV?


You also have the freedom to watch and enjoy IPTV content via set-top boxes. The set-top boxes are designed to deliver an excellent experience to the users with streaming content. You will be able to get the most out of them and gain access to media content. Some of the most popular devices that you can configure to watch IPTV content include Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku. The steps that you have to follow in order to configure these devices will be shared by your IPTV service provider as well.

Best Free IPTV Services


At such a price, Beast TV IPTV has the best streaming quality of sports channels from all around the world with a crystal display of HD @ 60fps. TV guide is featured at a high quality promising to give users a friendly interface. The application is supported on plenty of devices such as PC/laptop, MAG box, Dreamlink, Formuler, Amazon Firestick, Android or iOs devices, and so on. Around +100 24/7 channels, +400 USA, +150 Canada, USA Regionals, PPV, Premium Movies, Premium Sports, and more.

Below are the pros and cons of Beast TV IPTV:
– Can use 4 devices at the same time
– Sports Packages @ 60 fps
– All channels have TV guide
– Compatible with all devices
– The price is at average compared to other providers, not too cheap or expensive
– No free trial
– No adult content
– Can not find out any contact method
– Interface is not appealing to the users

Area 51 IPTV

With 8 years of experience, Area 51 brings users a huge amount of channels with 13,580 IPTV channels and 20,800 VODs from over 80 countries. The premium apps like Siptv app, GSE app, IPTV app, Perfect Player are supported on all kinds of devices such as MAG box, Smart TV, smartphone, laptop/PC/Macbook, Android box, iOs and so on. Especially, users can get an up to 48-hour free trial. If you want to contact Area 51, you can send your problem via email or phone.

There are some benefits and drawbacks when using Area 51’s service as the followings:
– A huge library of channels and VODs
– Fit with all devices
– Have 48 hours for a free trial
– No adult videos
– No live chat
– Can use only 1 connection/device at the same time

Bestbuy IPTV

Bestbuy IPTV is becoming one of the best IPTV providers in the world possessing plenty of channels with over 12,000 live channels and around 24,000 VODs globally categorized by country along with EPG supported. The service can work smoothly on all devices such as iOs, Android boxes, Roku, Smart TV, smartphones, and so on. Especially, if you register multiple connections, you can use 3 connections maximum at the same time and will get a 10% discount. You have a chance to test the service with a free trial of 24 hours and get 24/7/365 online support. Bestbuy also has 3 subscription options for you: Personal, Reseller, and Restream options.

Bestbuy also has plus and minus points as other IPTV providers:
– Cheaper than other providers just from $10/month
– 24-hour free trial
– Maximum 3 connections at the same time
– Support online 27/7/365
– Compatible with all devices
– No adult videos
– Sometimes get buffering or lagging
– No signal in some channels
– Difficult to pay via PayPal

Sapphire Secure IPTV

Saphire Secure is a perfect choice for those who have a limited budget but still want to have a wonderful experience with IPTV. The provider will make you satisfied with 13700 live TV channels and 22000 VODs, TV series from over 40 countries. However to keep the children safe from dark content, Saphire Secure does not offer adult channels. Besides, the provider allows you to use 3 connections simultaneously but must be not over 5 Ips; otherwise, your account will get blocked. Almost all devices are assorted such as Mag, Roku, Android Windows, iOs, Firestick, and so on.

Some advantages and disadvantages appear when using Saphire Secure’s service:
– EPG for almost channels
– Cheap price
– Refund within 7 days
– Using 3 connections simultaneously
– No catchup or recording function
– No adult content
– Get buffering or freezing

Eternal TV IPTV

Those who are about to purchase a subscription plan will often hear of Eternal TV being one of the top IPTV. You can get access to over 2800 live channels for as low as $ 8.5 per month for a personal account. If you want to share your subscription with your family and friends, Eternal TV gives you multiple connection packages up to 5 connections for 5 different devices concurrently. The provider has an advantage that is the refund policy which not the others can bring you. If you cannot experience the service, you will get reimbursed within the first 7 days for a 1-month package and the first 15 days for other packages.

There are some pros and cons of using Eternal’s service:
– Have adult content
– Compatible with all devices
– Offer multi connections up to 5
– Refund policy is in favor of users
– Do not have support online, only via email
– Not be organized into specific sections like Entertainment, Sport, Kid, …

Sportz TV IPTV

With a library of more than 12,000 live channels and 25,000 VODs, you can enjoy all the shows, events, movies, sports, etc from many countries in the world. The service is well suited for almost all devices (except Roku). They just have two packages if you want to buy that are 6 months and 12 months but a free trial up to 48 hours will make up for that. One more drawback is that you can use only one connection at the same time at maximum. The support team cannot be online 24/7/365.

– Can customize the channels to your Favorites
– Have adult channels
– Free trial is up to 48 hours
– Channel quality is quite smooth and no frequent buffer
– No refund policy
– Only one connection at the same time
– Just have 2 packages: 6 months and 12 months


More than 12,000 channels and 40,000 VODs without buffering or getting stuck included in the service, IPTV Tree is arrogant as the best IPTV provider in the world. 800 resellers and 50,000 subscriptions have been a member of this provider. The service is compatible with all devices but you are allowed to use 2 connections simultaneously at maximum. Tree gives you 4 packages payment but has no free trial so this is a big disadvantage. You can make payment by Visa, Mastercard, Tos, and Paypal.


  • Have reseller and restream plan
  • Have adult content
  • Flexible payment methods
  • 2 connections at the same time


  • The trial is not free but costly €4
  • Do not have live chat to support customers
  • Get buffering in some channels


Now you have a clear picture of IPTV and you will be able to use that to get hold of the IPTV connection. Make sure that you pay special attention to uptime and buffering at the time of getting a new IPTV connection. Then you will be able to get a smooth experience while you are watching your favorite content. On the other hand, you need to take a look at the plans and compare the service that you get for the amount of money that you are spending on a monthly or yearly basis. This will help you to end up buying the best IPTV deal.


What does IPTV stand for?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

Is IPTV legal?

It is hard to define if the IPTV service accurately authorizes the content they transmit. If the proffer is too good to be true, it could be an illegal service.

Is there free IPTV?

Yes, there are free IPTV services and we silhouette some of the most common ones above. Free IPTV services usually come with annoying ads or only SD quality and not very stable.

Is IPTV safe?

This is all contingent on the IPTV service in question. We recommend using a VPN when streaming with low-cost or free applications due to the fact we don’t know where these applications come from and what they are logging in to.