ACE Takes Down the Biggest Pirate Anime Site in the World

The Growing Issue of Online Piracy: ShutdownIntroductionThe world of online entertainment has been plagued by the problem of piracy, causing major concerns for content creators and copyright holders. One recent development in this ongoing battle is the shutdown of, the largest pirate

The Growing Issue of Online Piracy: Shutdown

zoro to shut down


The world of online entertainment has been plagued by the problem of piracy, causing major concerns for content creators and copyright holders. One recent development in this ongoing battle is the shutdown of, the largest pirate anime site, by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a global anti-piracy organization. This article delves into the details of this significant event and explores the broader context of online piracy.

Anime Websites and Streaming Options

The Abundance of Choices

Zoro to Shut Down

When it comes to accessing anime content, there is an overwhelming number of options available in the form of IPTV services, streaming apps, and streaming websites. It is essential to distinguish between verified and unverified sources in terms of legality and licensing. However, determining which platforms hold the proper licensing is a daunting task for users.

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ACE’s Role in Informing Users

Given the complexities and uncertainties surrounding the legality of streaming websites, users often rely on reports from ACE to inform them about the credibility and legality of various platforms. The shutdown of is a testament to ACE’s efforts in combating piracy and keeping users informed. was the world's largest anime pirate site, with over 205 million monthly visits. Shutdown

A Noteworthy Takedown

With the shutdown of, ACE has targeted a prominent anime streaming website notorious for its involvement in piracy. Users attempting to access the official website are now greeted with an error message stating, “This site can’t be reached”. This action is a significant blow to online piracy, as had a staggering monthly visitor count of over 205 million.

Reasons Behind the Shutdown

Reports suggest that the shutdown of may have been prompted by issues related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In recent years, piracy has become a growing concern in Vietnam, elevating the attention of major American rights holders. Ace’s actions against reflect the escalating battle against online piracy.

ACE’s Actions in Vietnam

The Fight Against Intellectual Property Crime

In 2018, the US Ambassador to Vietnam voiced concerns about piracy, prompting the Vietnamese government to initiate criminal prosecutions that led to the shutdown of several notorious sites. Despite these efforts, piracy platforms continued to emerge, with some garnering up to 200 million visits per month. The meeting between ACE and Vietnamese authorities on June 29, 2023, focused on intensifying the fight against intellectual property crime, with specifically called out for complete shutdown to prevent reemergence under a different name.

The Impact of ACE’s Actions

ACE’s victory in shutting down 2Embed, a site serving as a video library for hundreds of others, further exemplifies their commitment to combating online piracy. The ongoing enforcement actions against piracy sites, including, demonstrate the concerted efforts of rights holders and anti-piracy organizations.

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The Rebranding of

Unusual Changes

Following the shutdown of, rumors started circulating about significant changes happening on the platform. A message on an anime forum revealed that was rebranding itself as a new site called “Aniwatch.” This sudden shift indicates possible enforcement actions against and hints at its attempts to evade legal repercussions.

Broader Enforcement Against Piracy

animewatch is not the only piracy site to undergo such changes. Other platforms, like, have also made similar domain and branding shifts, suggesting a more extensive enforcement push against online piracy. The adaptability of pirate sites remains a challenge in the ongoing battle against piracy.

Global Scrutiny against Online Piracy's domain records were updated to point to nameservers used by the MPA for seized domains

Rising International Focus

The shutdown of highlights the increasing global attention given to online piracy. Copyright holders and anti-piracy organizations, such as ACE, continue to invest resources in tackling this pervasive issue that affects content creators and the entertainment industry at large.

Pirate sites often resort to changing domains and altering operations to evade legal consequences. However, the long-term effectiveness of these tactics remains uncertain, as rights holders and authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of combating online piracy.

The Future of and ACE’s Next Steps

An Uncertain Future

The fate of the operators behind remains unknown. While ACE’s actions have dealt a significant blow to the platform, the outcome of legal proceedings and subsequent actions against those responsible are yet to be determined.

Continued Efforts Against Online Piracy

As for ACE, the shutdown of is just one of many in their ongoing efforts to combat piracy. Users can expect further updates on ACE’s activities and targeted piracy sites as they fight against infringement on intellectual property rights.

The Need for Verified Platforms

The uncertainty surrounding the licensing and legality of unverified IPTV services, apps, websites, and add-ons makes it crucial for users to turn to legally approved streaming options.

best iptv services fubotv

Reputable IPTV Providers

To ensure a legally compliant streaming experience, users can opt for verified and legal IPTV providers. Some recommended options include:

  • fuboTV: Known for its sports offerings, fuboTV offers a range of plans with over 115 channels and DVR capabilities. Users can avail of a 7-day free trial before committing to a subscription.

  • Philo: This service focuses on entertainment and news channels, offering over 60 channels and unlimited DVR. Philo also provides a 7-day free trial for new users.

  • Pluto TV: A popular free and legal IPTV application, Pluto TV offers hundreds of live channels along with an extensive library of movies and TV shows.

By choosing verified streaming options, users can enjoy their favorite content legally and support the creators and copyright holders.


The Persistent Battle Against Online Piracy

The shutdown of stands as a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against online piracy. ACE’s efforts, alongside rights holders and authorities worldwide, demonstrate a collective commitment to protecting intellectual property rights and combating piracy.

pluto tv

Staying Informed and Choosing Legitimate Options

As the fight against piracy continues, it is crucial for users to remain informed about the credibility and legality of streaming platforms. By choosing verified and legal streaming options, users can enjoy their favorite content guilt-free and contribute to a sustainable entertainment industry.

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