Top AppLinked Codes for Installing Hidden Live TV Apps (August 2023)

INTRODUCTIONThis comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed list of the best AppLinked codes for installing secret IPTV apps, players, tools, and more on Android-powered devices. AppLinked is an Android-based application that enables users to install third-party applications (APKs) not available on


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This comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed list of the best AppLinked codes for installing secret IPTV apps, players, tools, and more on Android-powered devices. AppLinked is an Android-based application that enables users to install third-party applications (APKs) not available on mainstream app stores like the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. By inputting specific codes, users can access “stores” filled with a wide range of third-party apps and IPTV options, making it a convenient alternative to manually entering long URLs on the Downloader App.

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AppLinked codes work on various devices powered by the Android operating system. Popular devices include the Amazon Firestick, known for its affordability and ability to unlock numerous streaming options. Other Android devices compatible with AppLinked include the NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Tivo Stream 4K, and generic Android TV Boxes. With these devices, users can easily take advantage of the best AppLinked codes for installing free IPTV apps, video players, movie APKs, device cleaners, media centers, IPTV players, and more.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, which is the most popular streaming device today due to its low price and ability to unlock the device.


This list highlights the best AppLinked codes that you can use for easy installation

Code: 8888

The AppLinked code 8888 brings users to a store containing a diverse selection of free live TV and movie apps. This popular code offers popular apps such as Pluto TV, Tubi, BBC iPlayer, FreeView, Peacock TV, ESPN, VRV, and many more. With over 20 apps available across categories like live TV, movies, TV shows, and sports, this code is highly recommended for a comprehensive streaming experience.

Code: 5555

Is AppLinked Safe?

The AppLinked code 5555 provides access to a store with an extensive collection of apps. Notable apps available through this code include IPTV Smarters Pro, Live Net TV, Cinema HD, BeeTV, STB Emulator, Swift Streamz, and more. With over 30 apps across categories like live TV, video players, movies, and TV shows, this code is ideal for users looking for a wide variety of streaming options.

Code: 7777

Managed by Doc Squiffy, a popular YouTuber, the AppLinked store associated with code 7777 features high-quality applications worth exploring. This store includes apps like Cinema HD, BeeTV, UK Turks, CucoTV, and others, providing a range of options for movie and TV series enthusiasts. With over 10 apps available, users can enjoy their favorite content effortlessly.

Code: 4444

Known as the “4444” AppLinked store, this particular code caters to an international audience and individuals seeking utility apps. Featured apps include Aptoide TV, SmartTube Next, Peers TV, X-Plore File Manager, MX Player, OTTPlay, and more. Offering a selection of over 15 apps in categories such as video players, utilities, third-party app stores, and international content, this code caters to diverse user preferences.

best applinked codes 8888

Code: 3333

The “3333” AppLinked code is another noteworthy option for users interested in documentaries and live TV streaming apps. With apps like TiviMate, XUMO, Fast Task Killer, MagellanTV, Tea Sports Live, and more, users can explore engaging documentary content and live TV channels. This code provides access to over 10 apps across various categories.

best applinked codes 5555

Code: 719778818

The “719778818” AppLinked store captures attention with its range of popular apps, including TVTap Pro, Viva TV, Flixoid, Nova TV, Pluto TV, MX Player, and others. Spanning across categories like TV shows, movies, live TV, video players, and sports, this code offers users over 10 apps to enjoy a diverse streaming experience.

7777 store

Additional AppLinked Codes

Apart from the aforementioned codes, there are several other notable AppLinked codes worth mentioning. These codes include 4554, 301851852, 000111, 799783203, 849320303, 607809938, and 588201178. Each of these codes provides access to different app stores, expanding the range of available apps for users.

4444 store

Private AppLinked Codes

In addition to the public codes, there are also private AppLinked codes that require a specific pin to gain entry. These private libraries may offer exclusive or premium content to users who possess the pin or have special access. While entry into these private codes can be challenging, the content available within them can be highly desirable for users seeking unique streaming options.

3333 store

Create Your Own Code

Users also have the opportunity to create their own AppLinked codes through the official AppLinked website. By registering and selecting the “Create a Store” option, users can curate a personalized app store filled with their favorite apps. This feature allows users to share their code with others and facilitate easy installation of their preferred apps.

best applinked codes 719778818

For those seeking more codes to install third-party apps, there are additional resources available. Users can explore other popular codes such as the Best Downloader Codes, Best Unlinked Codes, and Best FileSynced Codes. These resources provide access to a wider range of codes for easy installation of various apps.


A key concern when using third-party apps is ensuring safety and security. While VirusTotal scan results indicate that the official AppLinked APK file is free from malicious viruses or malware, it is still crucial to protect oneself when installing apps from this platform. One effective way to enhance security is by using a reliable VPN. A VPN encrypts users’ connections, safeguarding their identity and anonymity when using third-party apps. Surfshark VPN is highly recommended for streaming purposes and offers a level of protection that users can rely on.


Using AppLinked codes and installing apps through the platform is entirely legal. However, it should be noted that while AppLinked itself is legal, the content provided within certain third-party apps may be illegal if it infringes on copyright laws or other legal regulations. To ensure compliance and avoid illegal streaming, it is crucial to only access and view content available in the public domain.


In conclusion, AppLinked provides a convenient platform for users to install a variety of third-party apps and IPTV options on their Android devices. The best AppLinked codes offer easy access to numerous streaming apps, enhancing the entertainment experience for users. While using AppLinked codes is legal, it is important to exercise caution and ensure compliance with legal regulations. By following the recommendations for app safety and security, as well as only accessing content in the public domain, users can enjoy a wide range of streaming options through AppLinked.

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