Massive Pirate IPTV Service forcibly closed down by Dutch Authorities, impacting over a million users.

IntroductionIn a groundbreaking operation, the Dutch Police have successfully dismantled a massive pirate IPTV service that catered to over one million users. This illegal service, which remains undisclosed, was reportedly one of the largest in Europe and offered an extensive range of television


In a groundbreaking operation, the Dutch Police have successfully dismantled a massive pirate IPTV service that catered to over one million users. This illegal service, which remains undisclosed, was reportedly one of the largest in Europe and offered an extensive range of television channels and on-demand content. The operation led to the seizure of servers, arrests of individuals involved, and a significant blow to the illegal streaming industry.

Pirate IPTV Service With One Million Users Shut Down by Police

The Pirate IPTV Service

The Dutch Police have not revealed the name of the pirate IPTV service they shut down, but according to reports, it was a substantial operation that had gained a massive user base. This illicit service required a monthly subscription fee of around 10 euros and offered access to an impressive selection of over 10,000 television channels. Additionally, users could enjoy a vast library of 15,000 on-demand movies and TV series, sourced from popular platforms such as Disney and Netflix. The immense scale of this illegal access caused substantial financial damage to the legitimate entertainment industry.

A massive pirate IPTV service with over one million users was shut down by Dutch Police.

Impact on Users

According to the local anti-piracy entity BREIN, the operation had a severe impact on several hundred thousand households. Due to the shutdown of the pirate IPTV service, these households experienced a blackout of their television services. This disruption affected their ability to access live TV channels, on-demand content, and other services provided by the illegal platform. The widespread impact on users demonstrates the significant role that pirate IPTV services play in the media consumption landscape.

BREIN revealed that the operation affected several hundred thousand households, leading to a blackout of their television services.

Seizure of Servers and Arrests

In an impressive display of coordinated efforts, the Dutch Police seized over 1,200 servers from a data center known as “GLOBE.” This data center hosted several IPTV-related domains, including,, and These domains served as platforms through which the illicit IPTV service was accessed. The seizure of these servers dealt a severe blow to the infrastructure supporting the pirate IPTV service, effectively disrupting its operations.

The operation also involved the arrest of four individuals who were believed to be associated with the illegal service. The Dutch Police conducted searches at multiple business and residential locations across various cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Almere, Enschede, The Hague, and Den Helder. During these searches, authorities seized vehicles, computers, bank accounts, and substantial amounts of cash. These arrests and seizures mark a significant step towards dismantling the criminal organization behind the pirate IPTV service.

The Significance of the Operation

BREIN’s director, Tim Kuik, hailed the operation as the most extensive criminal investigation into digital piracy ever conducted by the Dutch fiscal police. Kuik emphasized the serious threat that illegal IPTV poses to the legal supply of films, series, television, and sports broadcasts. In this case, the targeted organization was responsible for the large-scale sale of illegal IPTV subscriptions, causing tens of millions of euros in damages in the Netherlands alone. The successful takedown of this pirate IPTV service sends a strong message to other illicit streaming providers and serves as a warning of the legal risks involved in such operations.

Despite these takedowns, other IPTV services continue to proliferate, capitalizing on the opportunity presented by a potential revenue stream of a billion euros per year.

The Scope of Illegal IPTV

Research by Bournemouth University indicates that the illegal IPTV market is widespread in the Netherlands, with more than 8% of the population, or over 1 million users, subscribing to illegal IPTV services. These users pay an average monthly price of 5.35 euros, resulting in a total market value of 68.7 million euros. Despite efforts to curb illegal streaming, the lure of cheap or free access to premium content continues to attract a significant portion of the population, creating an ongoing challenge for authorities and legitimate streaming services.

Continued Challenges

While the takedown of the pirate IPTV service is undoubtedly a significant achievement, it is vital to recognize that other illegal IPTV services continue to proliferate. The potential revenue stream of a billion euros per year entices individuals and criminal organizations to engage in illicit streaming activities. However, as demonstrated by the recent operation, the risks involved in such operations are not merely theoretical; they can result in substantial financial losses, arrests, and legal consequences.

Impact on Domains and IP Addresses

In the aftermath of the operation, numerous IPTV-related domains and IP addresses associated with the pirate IPTV service have reportedly gone dark. These disruptions serve as tangible evidence of the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in dismantling illegal streaming infrastructure. As investigations continue and potential prosecutions move forward, additional details about the extent of the operation and its impact on the pirate IPTV service are expected to surface.

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The shut down of the pirate IPTV service by the Dutch Police has dealt a significant blow to the illegal streaming industry. This operation has demonstrated the commitment of law enforcement agencies to combat digital piracy and protect the interests of the legitimate entertainment industry. While the challenges posed by illegal IPTV services persist, the availability of legal options and enforcement efforts offer hope for a more secure and sustainable streaming landscape.

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