Total TV IPTV: Access 10,000+ Live Channels at $12/Month

IntroductionThis article provides an in-depth review of Total TV IPTV, a service that offers an extensive range of features for a monthly subscription fee of $12.00. It examines the safety and legality concerns surrounding Total TV IPTV and provides a comprehensive overview of its channels, pricing,


This article provides an in-depth review of Total TV IPTV, a service that offers an extensive range of features for a monthly subscription fee of $12.00. It examines the safety and legality concerns surrounding Total TV IPTV and provides a comprehensive overview of its channels, pricing, installation process, and additional features.

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Total TV IPTV Service Overview

Total TV IPTV is a highly popular IPTV service that boasts an impressive collection of over 10,000 live channels spanning various categories. With their standard plan priced at $12.00 per month, subscribers gain access to an extensive selection of international channels, sports networks, entertainment options, pay-per-view events, news channels, and more. Users can also acquire additional connections beyond the one included with the standard plan, providing flexibility for households with multiple devices.

The service is compatible with Android-powered devices, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and others, making it accessible to a wide user base.

Introduction to IPTV

IPTV, which stands for “Internet Protocol Television,” is a form of live television that is distributed over the internet. Unlike traditional broadcasting methods, IPTV allows for the streaming of TV content via internet connections, providing users with a convenient and flexible viewing experience.

It is advisable to utilize a secure VPN connection while using unverified IPTV services to safeguard personal information and ensure online anonymity.

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Total TV IPTV Highlights

  • Over 10,000 live channels to choose from
  • Standard plan available for $12.00 per month
  • Includes one connection, with the option to add more
  • VPN-friendly service
  • Offers a variety of video-on-demand (VOD) options
  • No IP location restrictions
  • Access to major sports channels
  • Pay-per-view (PPV) events available
  • Provides adult content
  • Wide range of popular news networks
  • Convenient favorites manager
  • Catchup feature for missed shows
  • Supports external video players
  • International channel offerings
  • Accepts credit/debit card payments
  • Customer support via online contact form and email
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy navigation
  • Compatible with various popular IPTV players
  • 24/7 customer support for assistance and troubleshooting

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Total TV Official Website

Due to the uncertain legal status of Total TV IPTV, the article refrains from providing a direct link to their official website. It is advisable to exercise caution when accessing the service’s website and consider the legal implications of using unverified IPTV services.

There is also a simple electronic program guide (EPG) for those that prefer this tv channelstotal tv websitetotal tv reviewtotal tv channels


The article features several screenshots of the Total TV IPTV interface, allowing readers to visualize the service’s user experience and interface design.

Is Total TV IPTV Safe?

Prior to reviewing the Total TV IPTV service, it is important to analyze the official URL’s safety using VirusTotal. The article presents a screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results, which indicates the absence of any malicious files or viruses on the service’s website.

Is Total TV IPTV Safe?

However, it is strongly recommended to employ a reliable VPN when streaming content from unverified IPTV services to enhance security and protect personal information online.

Total TV IPTV Channels

Total TV IPTV boasts an extensive collection of over 10,000 live channels, catering to diverse viewer preferences. These channels cover a wide range of categories, including but not limited to entertainment, sports, kids’ programming, international channels, music networks, and many more. Notably, the service also offers access to pay-per-view events, major sports channels, and other exclusive offerings that distinguish it from some competitor services.

To facilitate easier navigation, the service provides a straightforward electronic program guide (EPG) for users who prefer a structured layout.


Total TV IPTV offers various subscription plans tailored to meet the needs of different users. The article provides detailed information regarding these plans, focusing on the popular subscription option priced at $12.00 per month. This package encompasses over 10,000 live channels, VOD options, and one connection. The article also outlines the pricing structures for plans with additional connections, accommodating users with multiple devices.

It is worth noting that opting for monthly payment plans is generally recommended to avoid lengthy commitments in the event that the service experiences interruptions or goes offline.

How to Install Total TV IPTV Service

The article offers comprehensive guidance on installing Total TV IPTV on various popular streaming devices. It specifies the devices compatible with the service, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV boxes, Chromecast, and Android phones and tablets.


To install the application, users must register for a subscription on the official website. Notably, Total TV IPTV supports M3U URL integration, enabling compatibility with popular IPTV players such as IPTV Smarters, Perfect Player, Tivimate, and more. Alternatively, users can choose to install the standalone application for a seamless viewing experience. The article directs readers to install the Downloader app, which is essential for sideloading applications on their devices.

For detailed installation instructions tailored to each user, the article advises consulting the confirmation emails received after completing the registration process. These emails typically provide updated installation steps and ensure a smooth setup process for Total TV IPTV.

Other IPTV Features

Total TV IPTV offers several distinct features that enhance user experience. Users can easily add channels to their Favorites list, ensuring quick access to preferred content. The service also supports external video players, allowing users to choose their preferred player for an optimized viewing experience.

Determining the legality of unverified IPTV services, including Total TV IPTV, is often challenging. IPTV Wire, the platform providing this review, follows a strict policy of notifying users promptly when an IPTV service is deemed illegal and updates their website reports accordingly.

Ultimately, it is important for users to understand their own responsibility when accessing content through both free IPTV apps and paid services. An educated and cautious approach is crucial to navigating the legal complexities associated with IPTV streaming.

One of the best features of the service is the ability to add channels to Favorites.

Considering the potential legal concerns surrounding Total TV IPTV, the article recommends utilizing 100% legal and verified IPTV providers as a safe and reliable alternative. It provides a link to the top-ranked legal IPTV service, Vidgo, and directs readers to explore the best legal IPTV providers for further alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

The article concludes with a section addressing frequently asked questions to provide additional clarity and assist readers in understanding Total TV IPTV fully.

– What is Total TV IPTV? The article explains Total TV IPTV as an IPTV service offering live channels at an affordable price.

– What Channels does Total TV IPTV Have? It outlines the expansive range of over 10,000 channels available on the service, covering diverse categories such as news, entertainment, sports, international content, and more.

– How much does this service cost? The article details the pricing information for various subscription plans, highlighting the standard plan at $12.00 per month, as well as the available plans with multiple connections.

– What Devices can this IPTV Service be Installed on? The article specifies the compatibility of Total TV IPTV with devices running the Android operating system, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes, and Android phones and tablets.

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